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Travel iPad Apps

Winter holidays are nearing and everyone wants to go out. People are planning vacations and going all over the world to relax from the humdrum of the daily monotony. So, is there an easy way to arrange your Christmas holidays? Well, yes! AppStore offers a whole assortment of travel applications for iPad that can help you to plan, organize and not to get lost on your trip. Below we’ve gathered top 10 free travel apps which you may get in Apple Store.


Kayak for iPadJust like the name, this app is a sure adventure ride. This application for travel helps you search for flights and cars in the location apart from the usual hotel search and bookings. You can keep a log of your flights on it along in a list folder called My Trips. This gives you an itinerary on your fingertips.

Download Kayak on Apple AppStore


Jetsetter for iPadJetsetter offers a deep and detailed look into the world’s best hotels and gives details regarding vacation homes and tour packages. The app also enables you to take panoramic photographs. You can get first hand reviews and provide it to other people.
Sometimes, Jetsetter offers really big discount offers up to 50% off daily on certain places. With this app you can easily get access to these great offers.

Download Jetsetter on Apple AppStore


Hipmunk for iPadHipmunk, a popular flight & hotel search website, finally released an app for iPad and iPhone. Now you can enjoy the same search simplicity both on iPad and on web. With this free travel iOS app, you save your time and nerves. Hipmunk analyzes the best flight options based on their price, an airport location and your traveling convenience (taking into account such factors as the number of stops on the way and the time between them). You can also search for a hotel using a map and book a room directly from the app.

Download Hipmunk on Apple AppStore


Triposo for iPadThis is basically a travel guide for the whole world. The most interesting feature of this app is that it is absolutely free and can be used even on an offline mode. You can download the Triposo app for the iPad and read about all the details absolutely free.
With the kind of information it provides, you will never be underprepared. It uses information from reliable sources and provides simple maps so you can get yourself to the place without any difficulty.

Download Triposo on Apple AppStore


Airbnb for iPadAirbnb iOS app is a part of a well-known marketplace where you can book a house or an apartment from its owner. So if you don’t like to stay in a hotel and prefer home atmosphere, then Airbnb should be installed on your iPad or iPhone. The app contains thousands of vacant housing listings. Thank to it you can find a place almost anywhere in the world. Use the in-built map to see available rooms, their photos and descriptions and pick up what you like.

Download Airbnb on Apple AppStore

Tripwolf Travel Guide with Offline Maps

Tripwolf Travel Guide with Offline Maps for iPadI totally love the name of the app. Tripwolf! But apart from the name, the app itself is also quite amazing. This app helps you to discover some of the most pristine and virgin destinations of the world. It offers a full- fledged travel guide, with maps and other details of the place.
This app includes maps of various destinations that you can access with a host of comprehensive maps that can be accessed in the offline mode as well. You can get recommendations from your travel community and a lot of other interesting features.

Download Tripwolf on Apple AppStore


TripIt for iPadTripIt is a free travel organizer app for iPad. You can add your flight schedule, notes, lists of things to take for vacation, and other important info to this app. TripIt will organize this data for you and help you not to forget anything while packing your luggage.

Download TripIt on Apple AppStore

Hotels.com HD

Hotels.com HD for iPadHotels.com app is enhanced to deliver you the best cooperative hotel booking experience using all the amazing features of the tablet itself. This app allows you to go through the entire process of booking your hotels seamlessly.
This app gives you an option of more than 20,000 deals from a total selection of over 150,000 present offers in about 200 countries. As if this wasn’t enough, Hotels.com HD lets you go through all the reviews and the photos with one single swipe.

Download Hotels.com HD on Apple AppStore

Expedia Hotels

Expedia Hotels for iPadExpedia is a well-known brand that manages trips and holidays. With its free application on your iPad you can easily perform all the tasks associated with the main website. This app enables you to see the reviews and photographs of hotels, sort hotels by price, distance to an airport, book a room and a flight. Besides, with Expedia Hotels on iPad you can get hottest hotel deals and save up to 60%!

Download Expedia Hotels on Apple AppStore


Yelp for iPadThe list won’t be complete without Yelp. It’s a local review and search app which is really hand for travelling. Ok, let’s say you’re in an unknown town and want to go out. Launch Yelp and search for a local restaurant, compare reviews, find directions and enjoy your dinner.

Download Yelp on Apple AppStore
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