10 Mad Ways to Use iPad. Be Careful While Trying!

10 Mad Ways to Use iPad. Be Careful While Trying!

Love it or hate it, the Apple iPad is insanely popular nowadays. It helps cope with a great deal of tasks – from shopping online to playing musical instruments. As time goes by, people invent more witty ways to use Apple iPad – to play with pets, measure blood pressure, and even check X-Rays!  Some of the ideas are more than bizarre, they are just mind-boggling. Here is the roundup of 10 weird uses for iPad you never imagined. Please don’t attempt to do this at home!

1. Kitchen board

iPad as a kitchen board

If you don’t have a cutting board, you may definitely use your iPad to dice vegetables, slice bread and even cut meat! Don’t forget to switch the wood texture on your iPad. The only drawback is that the glass is not good for cutting on it. :)

2. Kill flies

iPad gets closer to our daily routine and today we are more likely to read news on an iPad rather than buy a newspaper. However, there is one disadvantage: you can’t kill flies with your iPad, or at least you would do this only once! Watch the funny video above and learn why a newspaper is sometimes better than an iPad.

3. Baking tray

iPad as a baking tray

It seems that iPad is almost indispensable in the kitchen! If lack baking supplies, iPad comes to the aid. Only keep in mind that the gadget battery won’t stand the test of high temperature. Glass and plastics aren’t trustworthy, either.

 4. Navigator

iPad as a navigator

Doesn’t your car have a GPS navigation? In can be easily fixed with the help of an iPad and Google Maps or any GPS app available in the appstore. Perhaps, driving will get a bit challenging, though you’ll be always in the know where you are.

5. Name tag

iPad as a badge

This is probably the most expensive way to introduce yourself, still the idea is great! Such a name tag is a perfect attention-grabber, so you will never pass unnoticed with an iPad on your neck.

6. Scales

iPad as scales

Feel a bit overweight? iPad will probably help control your weight. The iWeight app doesn’t actually exist yet, but developers from all over the world are really anxious about creating such a digital scale app.

7. Doorstop

iPad as a doorstop

iPad can really assist with such a problem as the undesired door closing. Smart cover is a huge help in this task!

8. Plate

iPad as a plate

If you don’t have a clean plate at your fingertips, you can definitely use an iPad to enjoy your food on it. The idea to use iPad as a dish comes from Japan: a guy eats sushi, sashimi, raw fish, and rice on a virtual dish found with Google image search. Obviously, you can’t scoop from such a plate and hardly get rid of fish smell.

9. Protest sign

iPad as a protest sign

Are you going to take part in a picket and don’t have a special poster for this? Don’t worry, iPad is ideal to express your objection – just don’t forget to pay royalty :) to that guy from Lithuania who crafted this iPicket device.