Top 5 HD Games for Mac OS to Play in 2015

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best 5 mac os games

There are a lot of myths about Apple notebooks and computers. One of the most popular is that Mac computers are only for work and there are no games for them. The myth is completely false and a great variety of game companies proves it, producing cool and fascinating games for for Apple users. Let’s name the most interesting ones of 2013.

Fantastic Creations: House of Brass

house of brass When you were a child, your grandma told you fairy tales of a great tech house filled with incredible creations and an inventor who discovered the secret of everlasting life. One day, being already an adult, you find a letter from your grandfather Edwin Q. Cogglethorpe. Since you don’t know much about him you decide to go to his old house. Once you get in, you realize that grandma’s stories were not just fairy tales. Now, with the help of your granpa you need to collect a number of hidden objects and reactivate the house floor by floor until you reach the top and find the way out. House of Brass is a great game for those who enjoy a steampunk genre and Jules Verne stories.

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 Christmas Stories: Nutcracker

christmas stories nutcracker You might be too late for the Christmas Ball, but you’re just in time for adventure! Although it’s too early (or too late?) for Christmas, this game is worth paying attention to. You’ve been dreaming to go to Christmas ball for a long time, but then you miss your chance and arrive too late. Suddenly, you meet a desperate Nutcracker who is searching for your help in finding Princess Mary and defeating the Rat King. Are you brave enough to do it? Christmas Stories: The Nutcracker combines adventure-style gameplay with hidden object rounds and mini games that both kids and adults will enjoy during the evening. The game features a great voice over, music and graphic.

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Haunted Legends: The Undertaker

haunted legends the undertaker

Now you are a detective called to a small fishing town by Mrs. Fisher. She says her husband has been very strange since he exchanged a family heirloom for an “Amulet of Prosperity.” It seems he gave it to a strange man who was obsessed with Fishers’ family treasure- a mystical mirror. You need to follow the strange man through creepy town streets full of zombies, explore hidden passageways, collect clues by solving the puzzles and uncover the reason of the strange man’s obsession towards the mirror. The game is very-well made with good graphic, apocalyptic background and interesting puzzles.

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Azada: Elementa

Azada: Elementa

One day you meet a mysterious cab driver. He gives you a box inside of which you find  a magic bottle and a flying cat.  It appears that you are a chosen one and must save the world of Azada! That’s how the journey begins and soon you find yourself travelling between magical worlds. You should solve a number of puzzles in each world before going to another. If you are lost, use a quick travel map to see whether you still have unfinished puzzles. The game comes comes with a great graphics and number of extras, such as wallpapers, screen savers, access to the mini-games, concept art, and many more.

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Secrets of the Dark: Mystery of the Ancestral Estate

Secrets of the Dark: Mystery of the Ancestral Estate This time you are called to a Mediterranean mansion to help a frightened woman who’s been facing paranormal activity. The danger, as it seems, comes from a family crypt. When you get into the house, you see that most things there have two “faces”: a good and a dark one. By turning on and off a lamp, a fireplace or another light source you may see both faces. Moreover, you need to change rooms’ “face” in order to get an access to hidden objects and features. After the main part of the game there is also a bonus chapter with more tasks you should do to save the souls. Will you do it?

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