10 Dress-Up Games Online. Back to Childhood!

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Do you remember an old PC game where you needed to dress up beautiful Barbie? I could spend hours playing it. Nowadays kids or adult dress up games lovers can choose from a great variety of these games for PC, portable gadgets and of course online ones.  We collected for you best free sites with dress up games. Are you ready to be a stylist?

1. Dressupgames.com


Dressupgames.com provides a really huge collection of mini dress up games for any liking. When you enter the site, you’ll see most recent, popular and high rated styles. Go through pages  and choose an image you like. You may also choose a category (girls, anime, celebrities, fashion, etc), a subcategory and get more images there. There are two types of pics: static and animated one When you are done with the choice, click the picture you like and start the game. Depending on your choice, you’ll be given all the necessary stuff for a great outfit such as cosmetics, clothes, accessories.

2. Stardoll.com


Stardoll hosts not only ordinary doll images, but also pics of international and your local stars together with a small bio. You can choose to dress up Johnny Depp, Monica Bellucci, Keanu Reeves and other world famous celebrities. Choose a start you like and dress him up in his most famous outfits. If you create an account on Stardoll, you’ll be able to create your own styles in a special styling studio.

 3. Girlsgogames.com


Girlsgogames can entertain you with a lot of cute games including dress up ones. Go to the site, choose “dress up games” and then have a look at the dolls. The site offers nice doll models and clothes choice and also a possibility to dress up animals. For example, you may choose a tiny pony and make it look awesome with a new tail, mane, bridle and saddle. Vote for your favorite games and share them with friends.

4. Cartoondollemporium.com


When you enter this site, you are supposed to choose a category of your game. It can be Halloween, anime, angels, weddings, careers and many more. I chose Halloween and found a game where I had to dress up a vampire starting with teeth and ending up with cool middle age accessories. The only disadvantage of the site is time limit. You have to dress up your character within one minute and the countdown starts while a game is still loading.

5. Dressupwho.com


Dressupwho is one more great place where you can find a great number of dress up games and doll models to any liking. As well as other sites Dressupwho provides various categories of games like ‘Rock and Emo’, ‘Fantasy’, ‘Fashion’,  ‘Pets’, etc. Each category contains several pages of games. You can choose a game with an anime doll or more human one. If you have any suggestions or comments to make, you may do it right under the game.

6. Rainbowdressup.com


Rainbowdressup, like other sites, offers a good choice of dress up games as well as many other cute games to kill the time. The only thing that differs this site from all the others is a “Download” section where you can get dress up games in swf. That’s very comfortable if you don’t have a stable Internet access or want to have a game on your portable device.

7. iDressup.com

And finally the last but not the least comes iDressup. Here you may not only play games, but create your own ones. Register an account and follow simple steps to create a dress up game. Moreover., you can take part in various contests/fashion battles and vote for your friends. The site has also a community where you can meet new friends and get some help. As for me, I liked most of all “Fantasy” section where I was able to dress up a fairy and her unicorn.



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