Free Software which is Must-Have in 2015

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Best Free Software for 2014

During 2013 twice a week you were excited (we hope) to read our new posts. We downloaded approximately 145,4 GB of programs, created 946 screenshots, typed 587,342 text characters and drank 1,932 banks of coffee. And a half. We tried hundreds of apps for you to use only the best software ever. Now we’ve summed up all our roundups to discover the best software of 2013. Well, and the Oscar goes to…

Nomination: Best Photo Editor

Best Free Photo Editor for iPhone Snapseed

iPhone: Snapseed

Numerous effects, easy managing, different filters and frames and you can apply them to a specific area, not the whole photo. Actually, Snapseed is a small photo editing studio in your pocket. If you are in need of editing your photos on the go, this app is for you.

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Best Free Photo Editor for Android PicSay

Android: PicSay

PicSay includes a wide range of basic functions like contract, brightness or saturation. You can also add titles, stickers or whatever you want. Try it, if you wish to add colours to your photos and make them outstanding!

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Nomination: Best Video Editor


Windows: Movie Maker

For its simplicity and stability, Windows Movie Maker is a favourite among Windows users. Its creators go on improving their infant, while creative geeks do use it for home and business slideshows and presentations. Bravo, Movie Maker!

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iPhone: CuteCut

CuteCut is a quick iOS app, which works fast, looks bossy and produces splendid result. In a couple of seconds it will be able to cut or merge your videos and add a peculiar effect to them. A perfect choice for editing admirers.

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Android: Magisto

Magisto makes a tiny slideshow out of your photos or videos. It just takes time to think, and then chooses the most exciting moments, adds music and shows the outcome. Such a little-helper for tyros, it is a must-have app for Android.

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Nomination: Best Game of 2013

Christmas Stories. Nutkracker

Mac: Christmas Stories. Nutkracker

Christmas Stories: The Nutcracker is a game that combines adventure-style, hidden object rounds and mini games. Plus a voice over, capturing music and graphic. You are sure to enjoy it as well as your kid.

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The Great Brain Experiment

Android: The Great Brain Experiment

You are a part of a scientific experiment and whether you stand it or not depends on your brain work. Is it trained enough? This year we have lost interest in purely entertaining games, a game should contain an educational element. And The Great Brain Experiment is a perfect example.

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Nomination: Best Fun App for Kids and Adults

Animal Kinderland

iPhone: Animal Kinderland

Animal Kinderland is a nice app, where animals, living on the farm (more of a hundred!), need to give birth to their babies. A positive alternative to some angry and banal iOS games this year, isn’t it?

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Glow Hockey

Android: Glow Hockey

Both children and grown ups adore playing Glow Hockey in cinema houses, and this year its popularity only mounted. Glow Hokey in your phone seems to be a great entertainment in a long queue.

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Nomination: Best Alternative Music Player


iPhone: Taptunes

Taptunes is a modern and smart non-standard player for iPhone. It provides different play modes and layouts. It also plays audio books, which is on a fashion top this year.


Android: Cubed

Cubed is the most extraordinary player ever. Songs and Singers are arranged in a form of a cube. It seems to be the biggest challenge of 2013, definitely worth paying attention to.

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Nomination: Best Media Converter


Windows: Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter changes the media format in a flash. It converts more than 200 formats, has a stylish interface and is totally free. If you needed to convert a lot this year, you definitely can not get by without it.

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Nomination: Best Music App for Learning


iPhone and Android: Gibson Learn and Master Guitar

When camping this or that summer, you are sure to impress all the girls with the guitar playing skills that got from this app. It contains a metronome, a chords library and some video lessons how to play guitar. Brilliant app for a typo and a pro.

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Well, what software do you have on your PC or mobile phone? And what will you download now?