Convert video & DVD for kids’ tablets: Nabi 2, Innotab, etc.

Convert video & DVD for kids’ tablets: Nabi 2, Innotab, etc.

Children’s gadgets are extremely popular nowadays. Kids don’t want to fall behind their techie parents and start using mobiles and tablets from the early years. Of course, kids’ gadgets don’t have the same functionality as the adults’ ones. The main apps available for kids are simple games, learning videos, basic photo editors, MP3 player, skills apps, etc. Plus, most kids’ tablets can play videos, but in a specific format. Here you’ll find how you can convert videos and DVDs for the most popular children’s tablets: Innotab, Nabi 2, ChildPad, Kurio 7, LeapPad.

Innotab 1, 2, 2S

InnotabInnotab is a popular learning tablet for children from VTech. It costs around $70 and comes preloaded with a variety of fun apps, educational games, e-books, organiser, art studio, MP3 and video players. Innotab 2 also lets children take photos and shoot videos. 2S model ($99) also has Wi-fi support and wish list app.

As for the video support, all Innotab models reproduce only AVI video. Use Freemake Video Converter and the following video specs to create a custom preset for your Innotab:

  • Frame size: Custom
  • Width: 480
  • Height: 272
  • Adjustment: Original
  • Video codec: XVID
  • Frame rate: 29.97 fps
  • Bitrate: Auto
  • Audio codec: PCM
  • Channels: Mono
  • Sample rate: 22050 Hz
  • Sample size: 16 bit

Just add the videos you’d like to convert to your Innotab, click to AVI, then this button to modify a preset.

video to aviPut the specs above into the appropriate fields. Click Ok, then Convert.

Innotab preset

As soon as the conversion is completed, connect your Innotab to a PC and open it as a drive in My Computer and then drag movie files into the Movie folder within the LLN folder. Don’t try to use Vtech Centre to upload new files since it may not accept the videos.

Nabi 2

Nabi 2Nabi is a $190 7-inch tablet from Fuhu. Based on Android OS, it has a wide variety of kid-friendly apps and can be successfully used by adults as well. Nabi 1 wasn’t so popular as its successor which almost exploded the market in 2012. Nabi 1 was discontinued and Fuhu is no longer going to have updates to its software.

Since Nabi works on Android OS, you don’t need to create a custom preset to convert a video or DVD for it. You may use a ready one. Just add a video into Freemake Video Converter, click to Android, choose the preset 1024 x 600 and click Convert. Find the software here; it’s free.

video to Android

Two other children’s tablets ChildPad by Archos and Kurio 7 by Toys’R’Us work on Android OS. They both have 800*480 screen resolution. So if you want to convert videos for those gadgets, to the same: choose to Android and pick up 800*480 preset.

LeapPad Explorer 1, 2

LeapPad 2LeapPad Explorer is a 5-inch kids’ tablet costing around $100. The first generation tablet was introduced in 2011, LeapPad 2 appeared in 2012 with doubled the memory, bigger battery and a dual-sided camera. This handheld device could be loaded with lots of educational apps and games designed solely for children.

It’s said that LeapPad can play only videos recorded with a built-in camera or downloaded from the Leapfrog site. Unfortunately, we don’t have any possibility to check whether it’ll play third-party videos. So please if you have any information, share it in the comments below. We recommend you trying the same videos settings as for Innotab (they have the same screen resolution).