Download YouTube Link: Free Software or Online Service?

Download YouTube Link: Free Software or Online Service?

Nowadays there are many ways to download YouTube links to your PC, Mac or mobile device.  Since the launch of Freemake downloading software, we’ve been facing one and the same question almost every day. What is better: online video downloader or a software? Let’s finally find it out!


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Let’s compare Freemake YouTube Converter and They both promise to download YouTube links free and fast. But are they really as good as it sounds?

Round 1: Download YouTube URL in MP3

The 1st task we’ll try is downloading a single MP3.

While the installation of Freemake YouTube Converter, you may choose to install special buttons for YouTube that will help you download YouTube URL in one click.

freemake buttons

Run the program, activate “One-click download mode” and set the parameters you need. If you need to download MP3, then it’s better choose the  “Optimal parameters” to get the highest audio quality possible and “Convert to MP3” to get your YouTube URL right in MP3.

freemake youtube converter

To download YouTube URL in MP3, you simply need to open YouTube video in your browser and click  “Download” button under or above it. The URL will be downloaded in MP3 automatically to a specified folder. It takes only 2 minutes to save a single MP3 to your PC.


Now let’s pass to the web service. Open As you see the site has only one option – convert to MP3. Everything you need to do is to paste a video URL in the field and click “Convert to Mp3”. Then click “Download” and choose the destination folder.  Your MP3 will be also downloaded automatically. Though it may take a bit longer depending on the number of people who are using the service at the moment.

Score: 1 – 1

Round 2: Download YouTube Playlist or Channel

The 2nd task was to download was YouTube playlist and channel. Freemake YouTube Converter did it best in both cases. Again, using a special button you can easily download YouTube playlist or channel in MP3 or any other format you need.

youtube playlist in 1 click

Unfortunately, web service wasn’t of much help for the task. It could not download either playlist or channel. Looks pretty sad since downloading a whole playlist of your favorite musician track by track doesn’t seem to be the best thing ever.

invalid url

Score: 2 – 1

Round 3: Download YouTube Video

The same thing occurred when we tried to download YouTube URL to video format. Freemake offered a great number of formats, qualities and presets for portable devices. That means that if you need to download your video, for example, to iPad, just choose iPad as an output format and your video will be downloaded in MP4 and added to iTunes media library automatically.

convert to ipad

Web-service was not our rescue again. The site can download videos only in Mp3.

Score: 3 – 1

And the final score is: 3 – 1, the software wins

Well, as you see, there is no doubt what’s better. Maybe web-services have their pluses if MP3 is the only thing you download from YouTube, but for us it’s better have a powerful all-in-one tool that can help you at any moment.