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How to Make iPhone Ringtone Free

How to Make iPhone Ringtone Free

If you have already got a new iPhone, you might wish to know how to create a cool ringtone of your favorite song instead of the boring standard sound. Here are several ways of how you can do it on your PC, Mac or right on iPhone.

Freemake MusicBox iOS app

Ringtone Maker (iPhone)

Ringtone Maker Free

  • install a free application
  • add a song
  • choose a 30s part of it
  • create a ringtone

To create a ringtone on your iPhone, go to AppStore and download a free application Ringtone Maker. The program is pretty easy to use. Tap the note button and choose a song for a ringtone from your music library. If you don’t have it, just add the song via iTunes. Trim the song to choose the part you’d like to use for phone calls. As soon as you do it, tap Play to listen to your future ringtone. If everything is ok, tap the Save button. Then you need to synchronize your iPhone with iTunes to install the ringtone. Save the file from the program onto the PC or Mac and add again to your iTunes media library. Then transfer the file back to iPhone and set as a ringtone in Settings. The detailed instruction of how to perform these actions is given in Ringtone maker together with the clear screenshots. In case you want to make a 40-second-ringtone or change the melody somehow, you may upgrade to the Pro version of the program for 0.99$.

Advice: You can use free audio editors described in this post to alter any track beforehand

Download Free Ringtone Maker | Pro Ringtone maker

iTunes (PC/Mac)

  • add a song to iTunes
  • choose a 30s part of it
  • create AAC
  • rename the song

In case you are not in delight of transferring files hither and thither, you may create a ringtone on a PC or Mac with the help of various programs. One of them, I bet, you have already had on your computer. Run iTunes and choose a song for the ringtone. Right click on it and choose Get info from the drop down menu.  Go to Options and set start and stop time of the future ringtone, but no longer than 30 seconds.

iTunes ringtone

Click OK after you finished. Right click on the song again and choose Create ACC version.

iTunes ringtone_2

The 30-second-song will appear in iTunes. Now you need to rename the extension from m4a to m4r. Right click on the short song and choose Show in Windows Explorer or Show in Finder if you are using Mac.

iTunes ringtone_3

Rename the file in the folder. In case you don’t see the file extension, go to ToolsFolder optionsView Tab and uncheck Hide extension for known file types. Now you can easily rename the song. Delete the short version from iTunes (but keep the file on PC/Mac!) and add the renamed one to iTunes Tone library.

iTunes ringtone_4

Transfer the file to your iPhone and set as a ringtone.

Advice: If you don’t have a song you like in iTunes or on your PC, you may use free Freemake YouTube MP3 Converter to download it from YouTube in high quality.

Download iTunes for Windows

Free-ringtones.cc (PC/Mac)

  • open the site
  • add a song
  • choose a 30s part of it
  • create a ringtone

One more option available for both PC and Mac users is free-ringtones.cc. Using this site, you can create a simple ringtone without any software fast and easy. Open the site and click Make Ringtone.  You’ll see two options: upload mp3 file from your hard drive (less than 12mb) or enter YouTube URL to extract the song from the YouTube video.


Choose any option you like. After the song’s been uploaded, drag a yellow square to select the necessary audio part. When you are done, click Create ringtone.


Then choose download for iPhone. The file will be downloader on your hard drive automatically.


Add the file to your iTunes Tone library and transfer to an iPhone.

GarageBand (Mac)

  • add a song
  • choose a 30s part of it
  • create a ringtone

Mac users can benefit from GarageBand – a default application installed on all Macbooks and iMacs. Run the program and select iPhone ringtone from the sidebar.


Then select Voice and click Choose.  A New Project window will appear. Name your ringtone and click Create.


After this drag-n-drop an audio file from a folder or click the Media browser button in the lower-right corner of the program to choose music files from your iTunes library. When you see the song list, drag-n-drop the song you want to use on to the central pane. Now that you’ve added the track to GarageBand, select a 30-second-part you’ll use as a ringtone. To do it, use a yellow bar at the top of the pane. Drag it forward or backward to capture the necessary section. Click play to ensure you’ve chosen the right part.


When you are satisfied with the result, click Share menu and choose Send Ringtone to iTunes option. Run iTunes, connect an iPhone to Mac and transfer the ringtone to your phone.