How to Make Funny Christmas eCards for Free

How to Make Funny Christmas eCards for Free

Christmas and New Year holidays are on the way. If you’re tired of traditional Hallmark and American Greetings cards with Santa and “Merry Christmas/Happy New Year” sayings, try free online funny ecard makers. These free ecard websites let you prepare and send hilarious congratulations on winter holidays to your friends email inboxes. No pen and postal stamps are required; just turn on your imagination and sense of humor.


As a regular web surfer, you should be familiar with “classic-looking” ecards like this one, for example:

Christmas ecard SomeecardsThe good news is that you can create your own e-card with custom text.

  1. Go to “Create your Own” tab on the top of Someecards website;
  2. Select a category (e.g. Christmas Season);
  3. Choose an image and color for your e-card;
  4. Enter your Christmas wish and click the “Save” button;
  5. Create an account or proceed with your Facebook login and send your ecard.

123Greetings is a free source of animated ecards of all kinds for Christmas, Birthday, St. Valentine Day, etc. It’s one of the most popular ecard websites which is truly free. Besides, it doesn’t ask to create an account. So, if you want to make a funny Christmas greeting card here, follow these steps:

  1. Go to a desired section;
  2. Select and preview an ecard. You’ll need Adobe Flash player to view it.
    123Greetings ecard funny
  3. Choose a delivery method: via e-mail or Facebook and enter sender and receiver’s info.
  4. Schedule the delivery date and send your funny ecard. You can also set to be notified upon ecard delivery.


Not available anymore

CardFunk seems to have a lot in common with JibJab: it also makes animated and video ecards with personalized images. But unlike the competitor, CardFunk stays free. Here’s a sample adorable ecard that you can craft with own pictures:

  1. Select your ecard characters and their quantity;
  2. Drag and drop them to the ecard window;
  3. Upload own cut-out face photo. I recommend using small square image with a good resolution;
  4. Choose a Christmas background and music for your card;
  5. Add your email address and receiver’s email;
  6. Send your holiday ecard.