Most Common Myths about Freeware: True or False?

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popular myths about free software

As you know Freemake develops free software. But still there are many users who question Freemake team about “free” nature of our software, free software security, risks, bug fixes, updates, price, limits and others. We decided to demystify popular misbeliefs regarding freeware.

Free software isn’t secure to download on my PC.

Remember, there’s a risk to infect PC with any download no matter if it’s a paid application or freeware. Hackers often mask their malware under safely-looking interface. Thus, before any program installation, we recommend checking it with an online virus scanner like VirusTotal and your antivirus and making sure the program is safe.

Free software has no support and help guides.

Free software has no support

On the contrary, usually free software has a support team or an active community which is ready to help you. Look at Freemake example. You can contact our support, post your comment on our Facebook page and watch our video tutorials on video converting.

Free software has many bugs and no one plans to fix them.

Any software has bugs because it is created by people like you and me (as you know to err is human). Even big companies like Apple or Microsoft have issues with their paid software. The same thing is about freeware. However, the power of freeware developers may be limited by money, knowledge, or working hours. But if freeware has fast support like Freemake, most of problems may be resolved quickly.

Free software isn’t risky if it has good ratings at top download sites.

Free software downloads are too risky

Not all user comments and ratings are unbiased. When did you review your favorite software on a download site like Cnet last time? Probably, never or once or twice in your life. It means that freeware may have much more silent happy users than 3 negative comments left by occasional visitors. Don’t judge freeware by user feedback, get more information or try it yourself.

Free software is complicated and ugly.

Free software has bad design

It’s taken for granted that design in freeware is a weak point. But in the last few years situation is changing. Famous tech editors recognize beautify and simplicity of free software. Look at Wunderlist, a free to-do list app or find tech bloggers’ opinion about Freemake here. Thanks to them, even a newbie can keep all tasks at hand or transfer DVD videos to iPhone.

Free software must be free.

Free software must be free

Free software isn’t necessary provided free of charge. Freemake software is free for users, but we keep it ad-supported in order to make living and develop high quality freeware. And we hope you understand it. Some developers like authors of CCleaner offer paid support service. Others offer add-ons or advanced options for an amount of money.

Free software has fewer features than paid programs.

It’s not always true. For instance, our comparison of video downloaders shows that Freemake Video Downloader isn’t inferior to a paid “Pro” version of our competitor.