Pinterest vs. Tapiture: Which One Would You Stick to?

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Pinterest vs Tapiture

Pinterest or Tapiture? These are two extremely fancy online photo websites with best pictures from all over the world. Pinterest is popular among women, Tapiture attracts men. So which one should you visit?

Pinterest and Tapiture: Different by Nature

Pinterest is a visual discovery website which became especially popular among ladies for collections of fashion products, art, hand-made jewelry, food, furniture photos and much more. The idea of the website is simple: surf the web, save your favorite pics or “pin” (as Pinterest calls it), organize them into photo collections and enjoy similar images by other users with interests like yours.

If you aren’t familiar with Pinterest here’s a snapshot of the top page:
PinterestWebsite: Pinterest
Inspired by the Pinterest example, men decided not to step aside and recently launched Tapiture. It’s full of women photos, car images and memes. Tapiture popularity looks skyrocketing. The workflow is similar to Pinterest. Here you can also add photos, vote for the best pictures and follow users’ posts.

Like with Pinterest, you can login with your Twitter or Facebook account and not wait for an invitation. But the content is made for gentlemen as you can see:
TapitureWebsite: Tapiture (18+)
Yes, Pinterest and Tapiture don’t look alike in terms of the content palette. And they also display it differently:
1. Boards vs. categories
Pinterest introduces the concept of “board” as the place where you store pics on one topic. Tapiture made it simpler. There are no boards, only categories and tags. So you browse through them and sort images.
2. GIF images
Pinterest keeps links to GIF images, but doesn’t play them on Pinterest pages. Tapiture supports motion images which makes surfing even more amusing. By the way, this free online app can help you make GIF pics.
3. Gifts
Pinterest lets you shop directly from their site. Click on the “Gifts” link and select a comfortable price rage and start your online shopping adventure. Freemake Team tip: Use Pinterest as an additional source for holiday gift ideas to find unusual presents for Christmas since its users publish lots of unique hand-crafted items pics.

Pinterest or Tapiture: Key Things are Common

At first sight, there is nothing that unites Pinterest and Tapiture, except for special “Pin” and “Tap” buttons, which add any pic to these websites. But user’s behavior and preferences say another thing.
1. Perfect time killers
Both Pinterest and Tapiture are excellent time absorbers. Like StumbleUpon, Imgur or 9GAG, you can pin or tap endlessly entertaining yourself.
2. Common categories
Pinterest and Tapiture have many similar categories like Animals, Design, and Travel. In a word, cats and beautiful beaches bring us together.
3. Goods promotion
Both websites are good for product show-off. Sure, business owners know it. The first one is suitable for fashion galleries; the second one for alcohol beverages.
Now tell us, Pinterest vs. Tapiture – which one would you follow?

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