St Valentine’s Day: Geeky Gift Ideas for Him and Her

St Valentine’s Day: Geeky Gift Ideas for Him and Her

The 14th of February is almost here and the Internet is full of articles with gift ideas for your true love. Freemake Blog is not an exception. Close the page if you are looking for multiple teddy bears, lingerie, restaurants and plush red hearts. You won’t find anything of this kind here. Welcome if you need a present for your beloved tech geek.

USB flowers

Flowers are among 1st things you should care about, preparing for a date. Usual flowers although being beautiful are pretty useless and their life is very short. So, why not buying a good bunch of USB ones? Your tech girlfriend will definitely appreciate this USB-hub while charging all her devices at the same time.


Buy tulip USB hub for $9,99

Heart Headphone Splitter

That’s great if your love is mutual and you can share everything with your partner. Collect all your favorite and memorable YouTube music tracks and listen to them together on iPhone, iPod or any other MP3 player with this amazing headphone splitter (see our tutorial). The device fits any music player with a standard 3.5 mm ear bud socket.

headphone splitter

Buy heart headphone splitter for $14,99

Red External Battery

If you don’t want your iPhone or iPod battery to get low during a perfect symphony, you’d better buy this Hypermac mini external battery which will help you charge your iDevice in any part of the world. It could also be a good present in case your bestie is keen on surfing the Web from a portable gadget.

external battery

 Buy HyperMac Mini Extermal Battery for $99.95

Romantic iPad Case

What could be more romantic, than Romeo and Juliet’s story? If your beloved person is fond of reading, don’t waste time and order this cool iPad case. The iPad will get a look of  an antique book, thus combining passions for tech and reading at the same time.

iPad Book case

Buy iPad Book case for $79.99 | Buy iPad Mini Book Case for $69.99

Valentine Gift Card

Whatever you buy, we are sure your love will appreciate it a lot. Just don’t forget to add a small valentine card to your present to make it more intimate.

gift card

Buy valentine card for $4.00

Heart USB Flash Drive

And finally, if you want to confess to a tech girl and give her a heart, let it be a 8GB Metal Jeweled Heart Flash Drive. Who would resist to it?

8GB heart flash drive

Buy Heart Flash Drive for $42.98