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Download Facebook videos in HD

August 8, 2010

What is a rising source of video? Surprising, not Google-backed site or Vimeo. Facebook plans to seize this sphere. For Facebook, which has long resisted competing with YT, the introduction of video format represents a major ideological shift.

According to Fortune, viewing have exploded on Facebook, where users now watch 4 billion video streams a day. The role the social network plays in what films, trailers, clips and news people consume has dramatically expanded in recent years. Zuckerberg recently declared that he "wouldn’t be surprised if you fast-forward five years and most of the content that people see on Facebook and are sharing on a day-to-day basis is video."

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Keeping up with the growing tendency, Freemake Video Downloader has added the ability of downloading Facebook videos in HD for free. If a video is presented in HD on the website, the program will accurately detect this quality and download video in two clicks. Download the new version of our software for YouTube video download.

Obviously, FB isn’t ordinary in terms of popular content. The latest Buzzsumo study shows that the best performing content categories are: news, food, beauty, pets, DIY, humor, gaming, travel & fitness. Lately, Facebook introduced "Live" broadcasting as a new opportunity to upload files to social giant from your smartphone or GoPro camera. On the one hand, Facebook video is being driven by mobile, which triggers 65% of all views. "That's mostly because everyone now has a recording device in their pocket," tells product management director Fidji Simo from Facebook. On the other hand, Facebook is sharply criticized in inbuilt auto-playback which helps to surpass six zero view figures, but spoils mobile app user experience and irritates consumers. Another point of attack is viral fake video news that flooded the networks and reached millions of people worldwide without any legitimate grounds.

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Responding to rapid changes in trending content and technological boom, CEO Mark Zuckerberg promises Facebook will boost the sharing of high quality videos and will deliver best of them to your news feed. Interactive posts by your friends and family members get priority over those from public pages and communities.

Needless to say, flourishing new post type is also a new revenue stream for Californian tech company. In 2018, the platform decided to break its rules and include pre-roll video ads into user-generated content. It means that sooner or later, you will start watch ads instead of your friends travel notes or aunt anniversaries. Experimenting with what’s shared on Facebook and commercials might have unexpected consequences. Now advertisers see astonishing engagement rates, however the upcoming controversial update might insult users and provoke higher churn rate among younger generation which moves from old network to Snapchat, fancy US teen IM service.

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