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Is Freemake Free?
Yes, Freemake software is available for absolutely free download from the official website. The free license doesn't expire and all the core options are provided for free. We also offer additional packs for PRO users to extend the basic functionality.
What does Freemake live on?
Long time ago, the project lived on private investments only. Now we practice freemium monetizaton model of our software and get some revenue from advertising on our blog.
I didn't receive / lost / can't paste the key from a certain Freemake pack, what to do?
If you didn't receive the key, check your Spam folder, the key may be there.
If the key isn't accepted by the software, make sure you paste it the field of the needed pack. If you have already activated the key on another PC, you can't use it on a new one (1 key is strictly for 1 PC).
If you lost the key, you may try to paste the email you specified during the purchase into the key field.
In any case, you may address our support team.
Will you develop the Mac version?
Read our reply in this blog post.
Is it legal to download video content with exclusive rights?
Freemake software contains the special coding which allows to download videos from the web.
The universal nature of the program code can't filter video sharing websites, in particular block some of them and manage the other at the same time.
Therefore, you take all the responsibility for the online content selection to download. Freemake Video Downloader is just a tool helping you to download various online videos, the final decision to download the specific video is left to the end user.
The same is applicable to all protected DVD discs. Our DVD ripping software should be used only for unprotected ones only. If other media types could be occasionaly processed with Freemake tools, it doesn't mean that we encourage our users to do so.

What is CUDA?
CUDA is a revolutionary technology invented and developed by NVIDIA for its graphics cards (GeForce 8 series or later). CUDA outsources some tasks normally handled by CPU to GPU. Integrated into Freemake Video Converter, CUDA technology lets accelerate the conversion with support for H.264 codec by many times. Read the details here.
What is DXVA?
DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA) is Microsoft's technology that uses graphics card resources to assist with video decoding (CUDA deals with video encoding). In Freemake Video Converter DXVA is used for decoding of video with H.264 and MPEG2 video codecs. It allows users to boost conversion of HD and DVD video by 50%
What is FreemakeUtilsService for?
FreemakeUtilsService is designed for Freemake software improvement and serves for accumulating crash reports and usage statistics information only. It is installed only upon user's consent ("Help make Freemake software better..." box in the installation). We're bound by our Privacy policy terms which claim that none of your personal information is collected (incl. email addresses, logins, passwords, IP addresses, visited webpages, your location or contact information). The service runs when you're online and chooses the most appropriate time for reports sending when our servers are not overloaded. In future we're planning to use FreemakeUtilsService for automatic software updates.
What is FreemakeVideoCapture?
Freemake Video Capture is a necessary component of Freemake Video Downloader. It analyzes information coming from a video web page in order to detect the video source. Thus, the program quickly picks up the needed video file when a user pastes a URL for download. Due to this service, video download from almost any website becomes possible. If you disable Freemake Video Capture service via Windows Task Manager you will be able to download videos only from the list of supported sites.
How to contact Freemake support?
To contact Freemake support, please submit a request here.
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