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Vevo.com support and browser integration

December 13, 2010

Freemake Video Downloader 2.0.2 includes two new cool features. First of all, it adds Vevo.com to the list of supported websites. Now music fans can easily download or convert their favorite music videos from Vevo.com and extract original audio tracks. Download the software here.

What is Vevo?

www.vevo.com stands for Video Evolution. It’s a US music hosting services started in 2009. It’s owned by major music labels: Universal, Sony, EMI and Warner Music Group. The website streams online music on a dedicated website Vevo.com and also on YouTube. Unfortunately, vevo.com website isn’t available all over the world. But you can listen to Vevo unblocked videos on YouTube. The service offers two official free apps: one on Apple AppStore for iPhone & iPad, the second one on Google Play market for Android smartphones.

screenshot FVD

To identify a YouTube video as Vevo content, try the following:

  1. type an artist name or a song name into the search box on utube;
  2. if you see a search result containing Vevo in the name and the verified check mark sing, it’s likely to be a Vevo artist. For example, enter Imagine Dragons, and you’ll get the official channel called "ImagineDragonsVEVO"
  3. then play a video. If you see the Vevo watermark with subscription icon at the right bottom corner, it’s an official sing that the artist track is licensed through Vevo.

To copy songs from Vevo to MP3 for offline, first, try to visit the official site and see if you can access it in your country. If you can play music on the website, then follow the detailed tutorial below. If you can’t reach Vevo site, go to YT and try to find the same artist track there and use one of our manuals from the How-to section above explaining how to get content from Google video sharing platform.

Here’s how to extract MP3 from the website:

  1. download & install our downloader;
  2. visit Vevo and copy the URL of music video you want to get;
  3. paste the URL into the program and select output format as MP3;
  4. save the song into /Music folder on your computer.

Moreover, Freemake Video Downloader gets integrated into browsers through Firefox and Chrome plugins installed together with the software. In order to download or convert an online video from any supported video portal, you just need to click the button download button and choose the appropriate option. The special download plugins embed seamlessly into your browser and enable you to download multimedia files faster. Thanks to the plugins, you eliminate the tiresome process of copy-and-paste routine because the buttons insert the URL into the program with a click on them.

Please note that you need to obtain the latest version of Mozilla or Google Chrome in order to install these buttons properly. If you want to get Downloader plugin, please select a necessary plugin in Freemake Video Downloader installation wizard.

IMPORTANT UPDATE of 2018: Firefox and Chrome plugins are not available anymore

As an alternative to the fast access buttons, try our free Software by Freemake to download YouTube to MP3 faster than ever! In case you need to save a video from Vevo for a particular gadget, please use our video converter software.