Save YouTube videos in 1 click with new download button

September 18, 2012

Freemake clip saving utility is popular freeware to get any online vid onto a PC hard drive for watching without the Internet connection. It became extremely popular among users due to ti its user-friendly and colorful design, numerous useful features, fast speed and of course for its free distribution all over the Net.

At the very beginning to get a media file, you needed to copy a movie web page address and paste it into the tool. Then select a quality, a format and a folder for an offline clip.

We made our best to make this process even faster. Now you need only one click to get the multimedia content that you like.

Freemake Video Downloader 3.2 improves the way to download YouTube video on Mac and Windows! Now it's possible to save videos and music straight from YouTube web page, as there appears a special "Download" button which starts the software with the video link already inserted. You may activate the one-click mode so that the video downloader will save videos and MP3s automatically upon the click on the button or browser plugin.

YouTube Download Button

Freemake Video Downloader plugin is now available for Internet Explorer, as well as for Chrome and Firefox. Learn how to use it here.

To install the plugin onto your PC or laptop, you do not need to go to any plugin store or download any additional tools. Simply get the latest Freemake software version from our official website. Run the installation file and mark an option that you want to get plugins during the installation process.

If you have all three web-browsers, the add-on will be installed for each one. So it won't matter what browser you prefer to watch films, you'll be able to quickly save a file from any of them.

We also enlarged the list of supported websites with popular Japanese and Chinese video portals:,,, owned by Pandora TV Co., Ltd, is a multimedia content sharing website based on users' clips. The headquarter is located in Seoul, South Korea.

The service was launched in October, 2004. was the 1st vids hosting site to ad ads to user-submitted content.

In 2008 the web service became the largest multimedia sharing website in South Korea.

Now it's available in Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese. is a web-service that helps users find a movie or media file on the Net. It analyzes most popular hosting portal and provides the search results by date or by relevance.

You can also choose whether you want to see all possible results or only from a particular movie sharing website. is a famous web-portal that takes popular clips from other vids sharing services and lets users add their comments to them.

The service has a strict policy and deletes all the content upon request of an owner.

The downloading procedure for these three sites is totally the same as for any other media sharing platform. Unfortunately, the plugins are not available from them. Thus you'll have to follow the already known steps in full.

Download Freemake Video Downloader 3.2 here.