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Updated Downloader overcomes YouTube changes

July 15, 2010

We all know that changes are going on at YouTube daily and many of them aren't likely to improve users' experience. The recent alteration of YouTube video hosting routine has affected the majority of YouTube to MP3 converters, and downloaders.

However, Freemake developers are always fast to accommodate the changing conditions. The problem with the inaccessibility of YouTube videos is successfully and completely resolved.

Get the updated Freemake Video Downloader over here and keep on downloading your favorite YouTube videos as before!

YouTube outages happen from time to time. There are several reasons for that. Let’s explore what can cause disruption and see what you can do about it.

First type of issue – major platform update issue. When the service rolls out a new version and renews its data, you might have problems with reaching the website. To resolve this matter, please wait for 10 minutes and try to refresh your browser by clicking simultaneously CTRL and F5 buttons on your keyboard. If it doesn’t help, you also might try to log out or to close your browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer) completely. Then launch it again and open www.youtube.com again and see if you can use it as before.

new FVD is out

Second type of problem if you can access the web hosting, but fail to save visuals from it. It might happen due to various reasons:

  • YT updated its protocols, and your downloading software isn’t compatible with it; This is a good time to renew your application.
  • You’ve missed an update of your downloading tool; The solution is quite simple in this case – go ahead and get a new version of the software.
  • You don’t have a stable Internet connection, and thus YT downloads can’t go through. The only remedy that we can suggest is to find a better Internet provider.

When YT updates its engine, downloader managers stop working. If you’re sure that you installed the latest version of Freemake Video Downloader, but still can’t download a certain media, please visit www.freemake.com/support. If you report a URL that constantly fails to be processed correctly, it might help to fine-tune Freemake algorithms faster and release a new version of our Downloader software sooner.

software inteface screenshot

Here’s how to do it. First of all, visit the support page and proceed to our Helpdesk. At the Helpdesk page check the "Announcements" tab. If the error is known, you’ll find a post from our tech team describing your actions and expected new release time. After that, if there’s no info in the "Announcements" area, click the "Submit request" at the top menu and fill out the support form. Please list the URL to the video that you can’t get so our quality assurance team can check them. During the outrage period support might experience the high number of tickets, so you might not get a personal reply immediately. That’s why in a couple of days, visit Freemake homepage and view the News page at the bottom. You can find fresh info about update there. Also, you can visit our Facebook or Twitter channel to check download fix status as we publish news promptly there.