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Target Audience

Blogging is not like writing what we want, it’s more about shedding light on what our users want. We explore search queries, carefully plan blogging process and friendly communicate with our readers.

As a result, we’ve reached 1.5 million monthly visitors threshold, over 700K subscribers in our social media channels and we’re not going to stop. The readership of FBlog is fast-growing, you may check our ratings on Alexa.

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Great flow of iPhone users

The vast amount of our posts are written about iPhone, mobiles and apps. Half of our traffic come from smartphones which means the relevance of our content to their needs.

We try not to get stuck and always create new ways to promote FBlog on iOS devices and other sources like writing guests posts, creating new social channels and improving existing ones.

Caring Team

We love our blog. We plan our blog posts beforehand, take care of its links so that no one gets broken, create legible images and choose the most captivating topics to write about. That brings us not only our readers’ admiration but Google’s trust as well.
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