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The Free Freemake YouTube 1080p Downloader downloads YouTube 1080p videos and saves movies as MP4 files of high quality. Download 1080p videos from YouTube and watch them on HD screen.
The easiest FREE Youtube 1080p video downloader to download FULL HD 1080p video from YouTube in the fastest way possible! Get the software and how-to details here.
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Get the job done in these easy steps:
1. Get the free Freemake YouTube 1080p Downloader
2. Find and copy a YouTube 1080p link
3. Paste the YT link in the freeware
4. Choose 1080p YouTube video
5. Download 1080p YouTube video

Here is how to download 1080p YouTube for free:


Get free YouTube 1080p Downloader

Download the official freeware from freemake.com. If you have a speedy connection, choose an online version of the Freemake Video Downloader installer. It downloads the necessary system files during the installation process. For users with a slow connection, there is a full installation file.

Whatever version you chose, run it when the new file appears on your computer. Follow the installation steps to the end. Press the “Finish” button to complete the process and automatically run the YouTube 1080p downloader.

Copy YouTube 1080p link

Find a video to download from YouTube in 1080p. Please note that not all the YouTube vids are available in 1080p quality.

To check if your movie is available in 1080p on YouTube, click the gear-shaped button in the bottom right corner of the YT player. Select “Quality” and check if there is a 1080p option.

If you don’t see 1080p listed, the file doesn’t exist in that resolution. But if everything is OK, then copy the YouTube 1080p video link.

Paste YT link to the freeware

Click the “Paste URL” button to add the link you’ve just copied into the Video Downloader. You can also do it by clicking Ctrl+V on your keyboard to download 1080p YouTube.

Wait a couple of seconds to detect YouTube 1080p download.

Choose 1080p YouTube video

Select YouTube 1080p in the Video Downloader settings window that will appear. Usually, it comes in an MP4 format supported by the majority of modern devices. You will also see the audio codec and format that corresponds to your choice.

If you need to download a movie in another format, click the “Convert to ...” option and select a format from a drop-down menu.

Download 1080p YouTube video

Select a folder where your media should be saved.

Hit the “Download & Convert” button to download a 1080p video from YouTube. You can download one or grab several 1080 videos at once. Everything depends on your PC and connection capacity.

As soon as the Video Downloader finishes the downloading process, you will be able to check the file in your designated folder or click the “Play” button in YouTube 1080p video downloader to view it right away.

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