How to Crop Video
[Super Easy & Free]

Crop videos easily and fast with Free Video Cropper. Crop vertical videos, clips with unwanted borders or objects without quality loss. Crop each frame or apply video cropping to the full movie at once. Crop files of any format: MP4, MOV, FLV, HD, AVI, WMV, MKV, etc. Crop clips from iPhone & Android. Make videos to fit the screen size of your gadget.
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Get the job done in these easy steps:
1. Download free video cropping freeware
2. Add an MP4 video
3. Select a format
4. Make video crop
5. Save cropped video clip

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Download Free Video Cropping Freeware

Download here Free Video Cropper by Freemake. The freeware is available for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and Vista. Get an online or offline installer from the official page. Launch the program on your computer, follow the installation wizard step by step to crop your home movies and favorite films on your PC quickly and easily.

Add an MP4 video

Add videos in any format that you need to crop. You can crop your MP4, FLV, MOV, AVI or WMV files one by one or add them all together. Just add your clips into the tool using “+Video” button or drag and drop them.

Select a format

Choose an output file extension. Check the formats bar at the bottom of the program. Click “to AVI”, “to MP4”, “to DVD”, “to MPEG”, “to MKV” or select your gadget among available devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, Xbox, TV, etc.

Make video crop easily

Click the cogwheel sign under the “Same as source” preset. Select “Custom” in the frame size menu since you need to crop each picture or so-called frame of your movie. Click the “Adjustment” box and pick up one of the cropping methods that you want to apply to your whole video.

There are 4 video cropping options:
  • add borders if you want to crop a vertical video to horizontal.
  • use “Stretch video” or “Zoom & crop” to turn landscape screen into a square film.
  • choose “Auto-adjust” to change your film dimensions automatically. The program algorithm will add padding and adapt screen ratio, if necessary.

Save cropped video clip

Click the OK button and indicate a destination folder. Start the conversion to save the cropped video clip and wait for free video cropping software to finish its task. Open the ready file and watch the perfectly fit movie.