How to convert MOV to AVI Free

Convert MOV video to AVI free & fast! Edit MOV files from iPhone & iPad cameras and save them as AVI. Watch your movies on TV, PC or smartphone. Download the best and easiest MOV to AVI converter. Full HD, 4K support. 100% free & safe download.
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Get the job done in these easy steps:
1. Download free MOV to AVI Converter
2. Add MOV video files
3. Choose "to AVI"
4. Choose a folder
5. Convert MOV to AVI free

Learn how to convert MOV to AVI free:


Download & run
Free MOV to AVI Converter

To convert any non-protected MOV video, you need to install a special MOV to AVI converter. The software is free to install and easy to use. Download the MOV to AVI Converter from the official Freemake website.

You can either use an online version of the installer or an offline one. The 1st one is a small file that downloads the rest of the tool from the Net. The offline installer is a complete program that can be installed on Windows-based computers not connected to the Internet.

The supported operating system versions are Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Please note that free MOV to AVI Converter doesn’t work with Mac or Linux.

Add MOV (Quicktime) video files

Freemake MOV to AVI Converter will start automatically when the installation process is completed. Add your MOV files into the MOV to AVI converter. You can add any type of MOV videos: long, short, HD, Full HD, and non-HD ones. If you need to convert several MOV films, you can add them all at once.

To add MOV videos, select the MOV files in a folder and drag-n-drop them into the MOV to AVI freeware. One can also click the “+Video” blue button or “File – Add video” to add your MOV videos for conversion.

When your files appear in the MOV to AVI converter, choose an audio track for each one in case they have more than one sound line.

Choose "to AVI"

Click “to AVI” button on the formats bar. You can find it in the bottom left corner. Click on the drop-down menu to select a necessary quality preset (Same as source, HD 1080p, HD 720p, DVD quality, etc). If you want to keep the MOV video ad is, choose the “Same as source” preset. Alternatively, you can create a preset with your desired settings.

Please note that you can’t convert a non-HD MOV video to an HD one. Free MOV to AVI converter doesn’t increase media files quality.

Choose a destination folder

By default, your MOV files will be saved to “My videos” folder. Keep in mind, that MOV to AVI converter creates a new version of your MOV files in AVI format. Thus make sure you have enough of space on your hard drive.

If you wish, you can change a default folder for your files. When you finish with the quality choice, pay attention to the line above the “Convert” blue button. It is where your new AVI files will be saved. Click the “…” button to select a desired folder for AVI videos.

Convert MOV Files to AVI free

As soon as everything is ready, click the “Convert” button to launch the conversion process and encode MOV files. If you have many large HD MOV videos, we recommend leaving the conversion for a night. In the freeware, you may select an option to shut down the PC when the conversion is finished.

Please do not remove original MOV files before you check the new AVI videos and make sure that everything is correct.