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Change language in Video Downloader 2.1.6

June 4, 2011

Freemake freeware is popular all over the world! Our new product – Freemake Video Downloader has reached a new threshold – 500 million installs! We’re happy to announce that new Freemake tool is used in 200 countries on all continents.

And it’s easy to understand because Freemake Video Downloader can be used as a universal Youtube Programm, AVI, MKV, 3GP, iPod, PSP, Android, etc. Remember that you can always get the present version of the software at Freemake website.

Freemake Video Downloader rapidly conquers emerging markets such as Latin America, South Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe.

With the new 2.1.6 version of Freemake Video Downloader, you can easily adjust the interface language within the program. The languages available are: English, German, French, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Greek, and Chinese Traditional.

Before 2.1.6 update, users could set a preferred language upon software installation. However, the list of supported languages was shorter, and there was no way to make a different choice within the program after installation. So, users had to download and install the software again to switch to another language.

software inteface screenshot

Since 2.1.6 you don’t have to install the software again to turn software interface into something you’re familiar with. Now there are two ways to alter the language of Freemake Video Downloader: via installation wizard or via program settings. Let’s examine each method in details. Please use www.translate.google.com to read this post in your language.

How to choose Freemake Video Downloader language upon installation:

  1. Go to the official Downloader page;
  2. Click the "Download" button;
  3. Launch the exe file;
  4. Confirm the setup start by hitting the "Yes" button;
  5. Pick up your language from the drop-down list;
  6. Continue installation process in your mother tongue;

As you notice it’s quite simple. But if installed Downloader in the default language (which is English), please proceed to the second user manual below.

How to change Freemake Video Downloader language inside the program:

  1. Start Freemake Video Downloader;
  2. Go to File tab at the top left corner of the program;
  3. Click the "Options" link;
  4. Proceed to the fourth tab named "Languages";
  5. Find your language from the drop-down;
  6. Click the OK button and then hit the "Yes" button;
  7. Freemake Video Downloader will restart with your new selection;

Please note that if you have started any download processes, they would be interrupted upon restart. That’s why please don’t insert any URL into the app before language modification.

Another minor new feature is the ability to tell us about technical issues with Freemake applications. The software sends crash reports with error details. This feature will help us fix the problem in the shortest time. The sending is done automatically; you just need to click the "Send report" button. We realize that users might face various bugs (technical problems) and there should be a straightforward and clear way to flag about an issue. Unfortunately, there’s no recipe how to create an error-free software. Thus, user feedback and tech reports are so important for developers. If an error happens, please send a report to us.