Download Over 14 YouTube Qualities

May 5, 2014

YouTube is the biggest media streaming platform to date. Over 1 billion people use it each month or 30 million people every day! Its audience quickly grows across the globe as well as niches. The website interface translated into 76 different languages. YouTube is highly interesting for music fans as well as for students, teachers, and business. That probably drove YouTube to introduce a long list of video qualities to cover maximum needs of maximum people.

A user can choose that video quality which suits his needs best, ranging from the lowest quality of 180p to brand-new - 4K.

A new version of Freemake app starts supporting all available qualities YouTube has. Now you can choose from 14+ different qualities for YouTube file download including recently added 1440p YouTube quality. Now Freemake Video Downloader lets you download films, clips, lectures, movies, episodes, trailers and many more in ALL these YouTube qualities and formats: 4K HD, Full HD (1440p, 1080p), 720p, 480p, 360p, 240p, 180p, MP4, AVI, WMV, WebM, 3GP, FLV. For your convenience, you can set up visuals format, picture resolution, audio quality and audio format before the actual download of the media file. All available video qualities for each media format are collected together on one single form, visually detached from each other and include video/audio specs for your convenience. So, you can first select content format and only then choose the quality from the list. The Freemake team also made it possible to place all possible qualities on ONE single form to make the process truly hassle-free. This is made to achieve the best possible video/audio quality no matter which gadget you download YouTube content to PC, TV, phone or tablet. Once correctly chosen parameters of streaming file will deliver you a clear picture without distortions and audio which can be heard on your gadget.

screenshot FVD

It is highly recommended to choose HD or the least 720p for further playback on TV and 360p and lower for playback on old models of phones (without the support of HD). Please bear in mind that HD files are heavy and take lots of HD disc space.

Please note that some vids or clips may have some video qualities like 4K or Full HD unavailable for download. Freemake doesn’t control the quality of the original track you select for a download, but a track owner does. If the original quality of the content is low, 4K HD or Full HD may not be available. Freemake grabs only those online file qualities which are available for clips hosted on

Also, please note that once you download data set in some untypical content format (like WebM or FLV), you need to have a desktop player capable of playing back your file. Freemake Video Downloader doesn’t have an option to play back your downloaded file.

This feature is always available in Freemake Video Downloader no matter what quality is set in auto-mode for a given recording or clip.

Download Freemake Video Downloader 3.7.0 here.