Freemake Greets New Windows 11

January 20, 2022

Freemake is proud to announce Windows 11 support. All Freemake software is compatible with Windows 11. If you have upgraded to Windows 11, feel free to download fresh versions of Freemake products available at

Windows 11 is the latest operating system by Microsoft, which was released on October 5th, 2021. Windows 11 is available as a free download for all Windows OS users, including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. Windows 11 is available for both desktop computers, laptops, and Windows-based tablets:

Windows operating system in its 11 edition got a complete interface layout overhaul. Microsoft designers rethought how users should interact with operating systems, software, and default applications. Windows 11 became smarter, faster, and more user-friendly. Windows 11 contains tons of cool multimedia features which we want to overview:

  • Taskbar: Widgets, Task View
  • Windows Snap
  • Fast search
  • MS Teams & Chat apps

Adjust Windows 11 Taskbar & Snap to Launch Freemake Software Quickly

Microsoft reorganized the Taskbar on Windows 11. So what's Windows taskbar now? Windows 11 taskbar is a powerful toolbar grouping program labels that expand apps like in Mac. You can do a lot of things using your Taskbar. Don't forget to pin Freemake applications to your Taskbar for a quick launch. Please right-click on a Freemake shortcut icon and select the Pin to taskbar option from the context menu. Let's see how you can use the updated Taskbar in Windows 11.

Windows 11 Snap

Windows Snap is a powerful all-in-one button to launch an app, quickly access an app, and uninstall an app.

Windows Snap has two grids of apps:

  • pinned apps
  • recommended apps

So how to use Snap Assist in Windows 11? For example, if you download movies and music clips frequently, you can pin Freemake Video Downloader to Windows Snap Pinned apps window.

Here's how you can pin Freemake Video Downloader to Windows Snap on Windows 11:

  1. click the All apps button on Windows Snap window at the top right corner
  2. scroll down the list to Freemake Video Downloader line
  3. right-click with your mouse on the Freemake Video Downloader line and click the Pin to start button
  4. go back to Windows Snap screen and find Freemake Video Downloader icon there
  5. drag and drop Freemake program icon to move it up on the Snap list

Moreover, if you prefer to download your favorite shows immediately after release, go ahead and take advantage of Windows 11 Widgets feature. If you remember, widgets first appeared in Windows Vista, but they were gone in Windows 7-10. Windows 11 reinvented widgets, and now you can customize widgets according to your interests. For example, launch the Widgets app and add the Widgets button in the center to add the Entertainment category, so you won't miss the fresh news from the Hollywood & music industries.

Another cool option is Task View mode which allows you to use several programs simultaneously and switch from one task to another. For example, you can convert old MKV videos to full HD MP4 video files in Freemake Video Converter and download YouTube 1080p clips in Freemake Video Downloader at the same time. Press the Task View button to see what's going on in each piece of software.

Hassle-Free Video & MP3 File Saving with File Explorer, OneDrive & Search App

Windows 11 File Explorer definitely got better. Now you won't lose any files after the download or conversion finish process — press Windows key and E on your keyboard. The new File Explorer will pop up, showing you the most recent files. Now there's no need to remember your Freemake download directory or folder. You'll always get your videos at your fingertips on Windows 11. Life gets even better knowing that all your converted videos and songs from Freemake are automatically saved to MS OneDrive free cloud storage. So if your PC crashes, you'll be safe and sound — no data loss.

Another great innovation is the powerful Search pinned to your Taskbar. Previously you could search only within desktop files, folders, and programs. On Windows 7-10 if you wanted to install any software, you had to go Google and search for, let's say, "audio converter". Now there's no need for it.

Here's how you can search offline and online in Search on Windows 11:

  1. click Search app on Taskbar
  2. type "audio converter" and hit the enter
  3. Microsoft Edge will open up with best-matching search results for audio converter

If you have an audio converter on your computer, the Search app will show it without an online search.

Share Your Videos in Microsoft Teams & Chat

Did you download a great video deck and want to share it with your friends? It's easy with the inbuilt Chat app from Microsoft Teams. Find the app again on your Windows 11 Taskbar. Upload and share any video such as AVI, MP4, WMV up to 4K video resolution or compress and send smaller video cuts via Microsoft Teams. The app doesn't limit you, unlike Facebook Whatsapp. Freemake can prepare all sorts of videos for your needs.

Upload video to Microsoft Teams Chat on Windows 11

Here's how to share videos in Microsoft Teams:

  1. download or convert video with Freemake Video Converter
  2. start Chat app and find your contact person or group
  3. click the file attachment button and select your video clip
  4. press the Send button to share your video

Remember that you can always share your videos offline on DVD disks. Windows 11 still enables you to burn DVD disks using Freemake DVD Burner software.

If you want to share your experience using Freemake software on Windows 11, don't hesitate to contact Freemake support.