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New output formats and devices in Video Downloader

July 21, 2010

We continue to improve Freemake freeware and have added a couple of handy features to our downloader.

Now Freemake Video Downloader 1.1.8 can download and convert videos from YouTube to MP3, YouTube to MP4 for iPod, iPhone and 3GP for mobiles, and to AVI, a universal PC video format.

Traditionally downloaders have a limited number of output file extensions. Usually, they save a streamed track "as is". For example, if an online video player reproduces a file as 3GP, the software grabs 3GP files and saves them onto your desktop. Such an approach has certain benefits. The key advantages are speed and predictable quality. If the program downloads files with a default file extension, the user gets files quicker and in the quality, that was seen in the player. Yet the coin has two sides. If you get a file with an exotic format, you can have issues with playback on your media player, TV or car audio system.

screenshot FVD

Following our user feedback, we added a conversion feature to Freemake Downloader. Now the software permits you to select between original file type and a desired converted version. For instance, if you plan to download and watch a movie on your tablet, MP4 format is one of the best choices. Or if you have Nokia phone and are going to watch animated cartoons on the way to college, you’d better select 3GP format for this purpose.

If you want to convert YouTube visual to a non-default format, you should select the "Convert to" option on the output parameters window in the program. Besides, you can turn on "One-click download mode" on the upper toolbar in Freemake Video Downloader tool and to set conversion as the default action.

One more piece of advice for audio amateurs: if you’re preparing an audio collection, the most suitable format would be MP3. It’s good for Windows PC, car stereo system, multiple MP3 players, iPod and various phones.

Don't forget to check full list of Freemake Video Downloader features. It's getting bigger. We listen to our fans and add your suggestions into product development roadmap. So stay tuned and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to download fresh updates.

Besides, Video Converter www.freemake.com/free_video_converter/ was updated recently. The latest version of our flagship software was enriched with the feature next scene searching in order to find and delete commercials from recorded movies or TV shows.

Freemake users complain that often they are distracted by annoying ads between key scenes and want to remove them from the film. We added the special button to help you to move from one picture to another and to cut out unwanted content. We think that additional video editing feature might be helpful for you. If you have more ideas about video editing, we are open to discuss them. We improve our video editing features from time to time. And we hope that it will make your video watching experience even better than before. Tell us what you think of this feature!