Hulu Download Fixed [This feature was discontinued]

September 29, 2012

Freemake Video Downloader 3.3. introduces plenty of newly supported sites. We are sure that video fans from all countries will enjoy new features!

What is Hulu?

Hulu is an on-demand US movie streaming service available for US and Japan users. The service was launched in 2007.

Now it includes titles from key TV publishers such as The Walt Disney, Time Warner, XXI Century Fox and Nippon TV. The website is available for US and Japanese citizens. Americans visit 100 million Hulu pages each month according to SimilarWeb statistics.

Tip for non-US users: there is a handy Freemake downloader option to use - a proxy server.


Our Asian users were patiently waiting for this update. So, we’ve got good news for them. The new version also features the support for and websites.

What is SayMove? or just SayMove! is visited by 5 million people each month. It’s a sub-division of FC2, a leading Japanese blogging platform & hosting company. SayMove was created like a web service which makes video comments for NicoVideo, another FC2 branch. This tool helps to express emotions. Usually, our Western fans use GIF apps for the same purposes.

What is, founded in 2005, is the biggest video sharing site in China. It’s local YouTube for Chinese users. Over 80 million people watch clips on each month.

As all over the world, video content is in high demand in this Asian country. 56 gives what people like: tons of user-generated visuals including pranks, songs, karaoke covers, gaming tutorials, beauty trainings & animations. There is also a place for in-house video productions such as "Momo Talk Show", "Ren Ren Things", "Musical-Hi Tea", "The Super Beauty Show", "Star Face-to-face" and "Hong Ren Hui" shows. The platform partners with prime Chinese social networks (Sina Weibo, Renren, and QZone) to turn video sharing into pleasure. There are apps for iPhone & Android smartphones to watch favorite episodes on the go.

screenshot FVD

Plus, organizes "56 Original Grand Ceremony" each year to award best video masterpieces. So, if you want to understand Chinese traditions and find out more about modern China, you’d better get the new version of Freemake tools and start building your offline video library.

One more minor improvement - faster software launch time. When speaking about product quality, we strive to add minor enhancements into each release. Now we improved the program start speed. We understand that our users want to watch favorite films as soon as possible, and we believe that there’s no excuse for slow software. That’s why we made our product quicker, so you can complete your task and have a positive experience with Freemake. If you have any other performance suggestions, don’t hesitate to visit the Support link at the top of this page and to submit it for our developers. We appreciate your desire to help to improve Freemake tools. is the only free software capable of Hulu video download. Please note that this option has been stopped and discontinued.

Now users can easily rip Hulu movies, download TV shows, series, episodes free and easily as before. Please note that this option has been stopped and discontinued.