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Revolutionary update of Freemake Video Converter!

October 28, 2010

You have asked, waited, and finally, you got it! This is an unprecedented release of our Video Converter www.freemake.com/free_video_converter with a bundle of new features.

Firstly, upon numerous requests of our users, we have integrated the preset editor. Now you can have the total control over the output result by customizing conversion parameters. Create your own presets: establish video and audio codecs, frame size, frame rate, sample size, and sample rate. Choose a proper icon, and save you custom preset for further usage. However, if you prefer an autopilot mode, just use the default "Same as source" settings and let the algorithm to do all the work for you.

Let's see how it works. If you don't have the Freemake software installed on your PC, it's high time to get it. You can choose between an online installer in case your connection is fast and an offline one. The 2nd option is perfect for users with a poor connection of those who need to install the tool on a computer without the Internet.

As soon as the utility is installed, launch it and add media files that you want to transform to another media extension.

Now select a format at the bottom of the utility. Click a corresponding button to open the format settings. In a drop-down menu, select “Add custom preset” option.

If you transform media for your portable device and plan to use the same settings in future, type the new preset name in the top line to save it.

Now check the settings supported by your gadget. In most cases, you can find them in users' manual. When you are done, return to Freemake tool. Choose a movie codec, set the required bitrate, frame size, and frame rate. If necessary, select custom frame size and adjust the film to fit your requirements.

Then do the same for audio settings.

Now you just need to launch the transformation process to apply the changes you have made.

Getting back to the new features, now our video Converter can output to SWF, MKV, and MPEG. Convert videos free for web pages and Power Point presentations (SWF); convert to MKV, a modern, flexible, extensible, cross-platform multimedia container; or prepare videos for multimedia devices supporting MPEG, convert video files between 200+ formats & devices, e.g. MKV to AVI or MKV to MP4.

Thirdly, we have added more ready-made presets for Apple, Sony, and Android devices. Please find extra buttons for them on the formats panel.

main screen FVC

Finally, with the new video converter, you will able to establish the output file size up to a certain limit (700 Mb, 1.4 Gb, 4.7 Gb, etc.). The option is available for any extension except for DVD and Blu-ray. You can find it when in the same window where you choose a new profile. Pay attention to the weight sign next to the Convert button. Insert the desired number and click OK. Please note that to prevent the quality loss, you should not go below the number suggested by the tool.

In case you want to fine-tune DVD burning settings, read our How to burn a DVD guide.

Moreover, you can select between one-pass and two-pass encoding, and thus influence the quality-speed ratio. And don't forget to enable CUDA on your PC to accelerate conversion and reduce CPU usage.

Hurry up and update Freemake Video Converter! Make sure that free software can be way ahead of paid alternatives! Download the update now!