How to burn a DVD on Windows

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How to burn video to DVD on Windows easily? Burn any video file to a DVD just in 3 clicks with Freemake! 250+ supported formats, highest video quality, simple settings. Burn up to 40 hours of video on one disc! Make a free DVD movie with subtitles and menu on a Windows 10 PC. Add any large file 1GB+ & Video_TS folder to burn with our video to DVD converter. Really the easiest free video to DVD software!

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how to burn a DVD on Windows 10
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Get the job done in these easy steps:
1. Download free disc burning program for Windows
2. Add a movie to burn to disc
3. Click "to DVD"
4. Adjust DVD burning settings
5. Burn video to a DVD free

Follow the steps and learn how to burn video to DVD free:


Download free DVD video burner for Windows

If you want to burn your movie collection to a DVD disc, the two things you will need are a Windows computer with a CD/DVD burning drive and special DVD burning program for Microsoft Windows OS. The best option to choose is Freemake Video to DVD burner. It's free, simple and can burn almost any non-protected video including long movies and hiqu quality videos to a DVD which will work on any DVD players.

Download the free software latest version here and click the installation file. Freemake DVD Video Burner will perfectly work on any Windows-based computer. It doesn't matter if you have Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or Windows Vista. The free disc burning program has been tested and fully functions with all mentioned Windows versions. The program is totally safe and does not require any third-party components to function.

The installation process is easy & speedy and doesn't require any additional tech skills. Install the software as you usually do with other programs. If you need an offline version of the installation file, please contact our support team.

Add video files to burn

Freemake Video to DVD software will automatically open at the end of the installation process. When it happens, click the "+Video" button at the top of the freeware to open Windows file explorer and add videos that you want to burn to DVDs. One more way is to drag-n-drop media to the software interface. The files may be in different formats.

Besides video files, you can import a ready VIDEO_TS folder or ISO disc image stored on your PC to write it on a disc. You may add even an audio file or photos and the tool will turn them into videos to burn to disc.

Great news!
Freemake can create & burn multiple movies or titles onto one disc free! So if you have many videos, please add them in the order you want to see them on a new disc.

Click “to DVD”

Now click the "to DVD" button at the bottom of Freemake freeware for Windows 10.

Then insert a blank DVD to your PC burning drive. If can use any type of disc media that you prefer. However, we recommend using media types like DVD-RW or DVD-R. If you plan to create two copies of one project, prepare one more blank DVD disc.

You may burn up to 40 hours of video content onto a DVD. In this case you will require a DVD-DL disc.

Select best options to burn video to DVD

In a new window, select your DVD drive as an output destination for your files. Write a name your future DVD disc in the title box. Please avoid special characters in the title.

Then click the grey rectangle box with the "No menu" text. Select a type of menu that is most suitable for your video DVD. It can be a text menu with the episode titles, a picture menu provided by Freemake or your own custom image. In the third case, please find a good quality image. We recommend you getting free quality images on photo stock websites. The menu comes without music.

Finally, select the color encoding data system (PAL or NTSC). The 1st one is spread in most of the European countries, while NTSC is used in North America and Japan.

You can also change the aspect ratio (16:9 or 3:4) and choose another audio codec (AC3 or MP2) for your video file.

Burn a DVD on Windows 10

Now it's time to hit the "Burn" button and create a DVD video disc. Depending on the recording speed of your DVD drive, it may take some time to transfer a video file and burn it to disc. The speed will depend on your computer RAM and program settings. After the burning process is done, check your new discs on any desktop media software or standalone home DVD player.

In case you don't have a blank disc, you can create an ISO image with your movie and burn it to a disc later. Alternatively, you may convert movies to a Video_TS folder. It's a standard folder that you will find on absolutely any DVD disc. As soon as you buy a new disc, simply transfer the Video_TS folder to Freemake and burn videos to a disc.

Please note that the resulted DVDs won't have any type of movie copyright.