Speed limit, download queue, new presets in Video Downloader 3.1

August 9, 2012

Freemake Video Downloader 3.1 comes out with a great deal of new options. Download the new version by clicking this link.

The first new feature is tightly related to Internet spread all over the world. The Verge reports: "The average global Internet connection speed has increased slightly since the end of last year, and mobile data traffic has almost doubled over the past year. Despite significant increases in high-speed broadband adoption, the average global Internet connection speed in the first quarter of 2012 was 2.6 Mbps — the same as was three quarters earlier — after an unusual dip to 2.3 Mbps at the end of 2011. South Korea continues to rank first with a speed of 15.6 Mbps; the US has risen from 13th to 12th place with an average of 6.7 Mbps". As you can see from the stats, average Internet connection provider can’t boast of high speed.

program view

Now Freemake Downloader 3.1 users whose Internet connection isn't good may benefit from download speed control feature. You may limit either the download speed up to a certain value or number of simultaneous downloads. At the bottom left corner of the software interface, there is a drop-down list which you can use to set the proper speed for your system. We think that the new option will help to make your downloading experience more pleasant and will allow you to perform other online activities while using Freemake freeware.

Another option is the number of simultaneous downloads. You can set if you want to download videos in batch or one by one. If you have a poor Internet connection, we don’t recommend enabling multiple download option. Here’s how to adjust your settings. Launch Freemake Downloader, click File > Options at the top panel, open the Connections tab and pick up "1 video" out of the "Download simultaneously" drop-down list.

The second new option is download queue. With it, users can prioritize and order items in the download list. By default, the software downloads first the videos at the top of the list. Users may set priority to downloads by moving items to the top (via drag-'n-drop or context menu). You might want to download short clips in the first instance and grab lengthy films after all other files.

software inteface screenshot

The video downloader adds a new conversion preset to iPad and export to iTunes of videos converted to Apple gadgets. iTunes file transfer can be cumbersome for tech newbies, so automatic export to your Apple device can save your time and efforts. The video downloader adds a new conversion preset to iPad and export to iTunes of videos converted to Apple gadgets. Thus, users can easily download videos and MP3s from YouTube to iTunes in the software interface. You can fill your iPod library with YT tracks with the help of Freemake Video Downloader and enjoy best songs and movies on your way to school or work.

If you don’t use anything except for default Microsoft Windows player, then you’ll enjoy a new preset for PC. We’ve added a new conversion preset to WMV for Windows Media Player fans. Now you can get WMV files and watch them immediately after download.