Freemake Super Speed Pack

Super Speed Pack is a premium feature for Freemake Video Converter. It allows users to convert videos to any format twice faster. Try the quickest version of Freemake Video Converter right now.


Free Gold Pack

Speedy Video Converter

Boost up video conversion with Freemake Video Converter thanks to the support of two-pass encoding. Activate Super Speed Pack and get your videos converted 2 times faster.

Less Time on HD Conversion

Spend less time on converting long and HD videos, ripping DVDs. Add any heavy video files and get them converted as fast as possible.

Quickest on the Market

Tests by authoritative tech blogs such as TechRadar and prove that Freemake Video Converter is the fastest video converter on the market.

Enjoy Freemake Video Converter with Super Speed Pack!

Please note that Super Speed Pack only unlocks the feature of speedy
video conversion. The final acceleration results will depend on your PC specs.

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