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How to rotate video free

May 3, 2011

You are sure to take videos with your phone camera. And of course, sometimes when you need to shoot a video quickly, you may forget to turn your phone in landscape orientation. Vertical video doesn't look too good, does it? That's where you need a good video converter to rotate your video for further watching on a big TV or PC screen. Freemake Video Converter can easily solve this matter in just five clicks. And it'll be absolutely free! Here is how you can do it:

1. Install Freemake Video Converter

Download the software from the official Freemake site or use the green button below. If you need a complete version for offline installation on a PC without Internet connection, get it here. Please note the software runs only on Windows based PCs and laptops. You can't install it on Mac or Linux.

Launch the installer of Freemake Video Converter. Be attentive: during the installation you'll be offered to install 3d party software. Deselect programs you don't need and continue the installation process. When it's completed, run Freemake Video Converter.

2. Add video you want to rotate

Click blue "+Video" button to add one or several videos that you need to rotate. When the videos appear in the software, click on a scissors button to open the editor.


There will appear a new window with movie preview and controls. Click the button marked in the pic below to turn your video left or right respectively. Preview the result and click "Ok" if you are satisfied. FVC_3

3. Convert video to save changes

Please don't close the program right after clicking "OK". It's not enough! You need to convert a video to one of the video formats to apply changes. Choose a format that you need:
  • "to AVI" or "to MPEG" to watch the video on your TV,
  • "to MP4" or "to Apple" to convert video for your Apple device, or
  • "to Android" if you want to keep your video on Android phone or tablet.
In case you want to upload a video onto your site or blog, your choice should be "to HTML5".


When you choose a format, you'll see a list of ready presets. Select "same as source" preset to convert a video with the original quality, codes, frame rate, bitrate and other settings. If you convert a video for a particular device, click on the presets to see drop-down menu, find and select your device. Freemake Video Converter will convert your video with best parameters to fit a chosen gadget. And finally, whether you didn't find a necessary preset or need some custom settings, choose "Custom preset" and set all the necessary audio and video parameters manually.


When you are done with preset, click "Convert" button to run the conversion process. The speed depends on a length of your video and your PC capacity. Please note some old PCs make take a little bit of time to complete the task.


As soon as you get a converted video, check it in VLC or another media player. Don't forget that Freemake Video Converter doesn't change the original file but creates a new one with all the changes. By default the new file goes to "My videos" folder.

If you didn't find you file in a corresponding folder, please check the screenshot below to find the path.

Folder Path

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