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Freemake Subtitles Pack

Subtitles Pack is a set of advanced features for Freemake Video Converter to work with video subtitles. Edit subtitles for your movie easily. Watch movies with subtitles with pleasure! Get your Subtitles Pack right now!

Free Subtitles Pack

Edit subtitles size

Adjust subtitle size to your screen fast & easily.

Change subtitles font

Replace an original font with a new one to match your video style.

Watch movies with subtitles in any language

Watch foreign movies with special symbols, Unicode and UTF subtitles. All supported subtitles

Enjoy movies with subtitles on any device

Add subtitles to your movie and watch it on PC, TV, or any portable device: iPhone, iPad, Android, Xbox, PSP, cell phone.

Enjoy Freemake Video Converter with Subtitles Pack!