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Discover & play free music for your iPhone in Freemake Musicbox application. Search any song from a 20 million tracks library. Listen to music without limits. Explore hashtags, create playlist with best tracks.

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Get Only Free & Legal Music for iPhone

Freemake Musicbox is an absolutely free app, with no geo- or time- limits, no account required. Compatible with iOS 7 & higher. Get only free legal YouTube music on your Apple gadget in high quality. Play music on iPhone 5, 5S 6, Plus, 6S, 6S+ without iTunes.

Listen to 20+ Million Songs

Enjoy favorite MP3s on your iPhone endlessly. Freemake Musicbox lets you access to free YouTube songs - from old recordings to the latest hits. Over 20,000,000 tracks! Install Freemake Musicbox app from the Apple AppStore, tap the “Search” tab and enter an artist or track name. Our Musicbox will bring a list of songs for playback, select a track and hit the “Play” icon.

Search MP3 Free & Fast

Look for any song, artist, or album - the application will find it in all available versions. 100% accuracy due to our own search algorithm. Use smart suggestions & query auto-corrections. Freemake Musicbox filters out any YouTube songs of low quality. Tracks are ranged by popularity, thus you can easily explore your favorite artists' best songs, live sessions, and covers.

Discover New Music

Use more than 200 hashtags to discover new music. Tap on the “Search” box and browse a cloud of most popular hashtags: #top100, #bestof10years, #rock”, #pop, #metal, etc. You can listen to hundreds of ready genre or artist stations and explore music charts, trending songs, best tracks by artist or genre. Discover new music stars and fresh songs. Or you can directly input # sign and the tag which you know in the “Search” box (for example, #fitness).

Create Playlist with Favorite Tracks

Create music playlist on your Apple iPhone. Add the music you love to your Favorites playlist. Simply tap the “Heart” icon next to the track in the Player or Search tabs. Freemake Musicbox will save them for further quick access. Enjoy your personal music collection 24/7.

Enjoy Personalized Radio Stations

Create custom streaming audio stations from thousands of artists and millions of songs. Just look up a genre and slide to “Radio” tab. The app will build a list of similar tracks that play one by one. Put on your headphones and listen to Musicbox iPhone radio in the background.

Stream Online Music in Powerful Player

Stream YouTube music you like to iPhone in real time. Shuffle, loop, pause, and fast-forward tracks. Watch music videos while listening to your favorite songs. The player works in the background, when you're using other apps or locked your phone screen.

Reduce Cellular Data Usage via “Traffic Economy”

Freemake Musicbox lets you adjust your mobile data usage. Turn on “Traffic Economy” option to save on cellular 3G/4G bandwidth on the go. Turn the setting off when you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

Share Songs with Friends

Share your music discoveries, favorite tracks and radio stations. Instantly post to Facebook and Twitter straight from the music app.

Windows Desktop Application

Use Freemake Music Box software to find & play free music on your Windows PC. Universal MP3 player both for online & offline music. Convert M4A, OGG or FLAC in MP3 and listen to the tracks on a desktop or mobile version of Freemake Music Box.

Additional Musicbox features:

- Inbuilt voice search for iOS 8 & higher
- Lockscreen player controls
- Video streaming on/off preferences

Compatible with

iOS supported devices
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