How to convert FLAC to MP3 free

Free Freemake Audio Converter converts FLAC to MP3 keeping the original quality. Turn heavy FLAC files to MP3 quickly and easily and save space on your hard drive. Play and edit the converted music on any device including iPhone and Android, and with any software. HQ files are supported.
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Get the job done in these easy steps:
1. Install free FLAC to MP3 Converter
2. Add your media to the freeware
3. Choose "to MP3"
4. Edit media files
5. Convert FLAC to MP3

Here's how to convert FLAC to MP3 free:


Install free FLAC to MP3 Converter

Download the software on your computer. Please note that it can be installed only on PCs and laptops running Windows Vista, Windows 7, Win 8, and Windows 10.

By default, you will get an online installer that will download all the tool components from the Web. There is also a full version (offline) that can be installed on computers without the connection.

The installation process is really simple and might be familiar to you. Just click the “Next” button following the steps. Don’t forget to read the Terms of use and decide whether you want to send anonymous reports about the program performance. The reports won’t contain any personal data, only Freemake logs.
Run the freeware.

Add FLAC files

Drag and drop your music to it. You can also use the “+Audio” button. The freeware lets you convert files in batch. It means that you don’t need to transcode each track separately; you can add them all at once. However, keep in mind that all the files will be saved in one final folder.

One more thing to keep in mind is that your media should not be corrupted or protected.

Choose "to MP3"

Click “to MP3” output extension of the formats panel when you are ready with the files. You will see a new window where you can choose the parameters for your future tracks.

Click the drop-down menu to see the available quality choices. You can select a 320kbps option, a 256kbps one, or lower. FLAC files usually come with high quality. Thus a 320kbps option will be the best one.

Please note that if your track has low quality, the app won’t improve it.

Edit FLAC media files

Choose a preset. Every output option has ready presets to meet the majority of your needs. However, if you need particular settings, you can create a custom profile. Click the drop-down menu with qualities and scroll to the bottom. Select “Add custom preset” option. Then choose the necessary data: codec, sample rate, bitrate, and so on.

Insert a preset title and choose an icon if you want to save it for future use.

Convert FLAC to MP3

Click the blue “Convert” button. This is the final step to encode your music to MP3. The process will start. When it’s finished, go to the folder to check your tracks.
Don't forget to choose a folder where the program should save your new songs. By default, they will go to My music folder on your C drive.

You can also change WMA to MP3 and AAC to MP3 in the same way.