How to Convert Video to DVD for Free

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Get the job done in these easy steps:
1. Download free Video to DVD Converter
2. Add videos
3. Click “to DVD” button
4. Select a DVD menu
5. Burn video to DVD

Here is how you can convert any video to DVD free:


Download free Video to DVD Converter

If you want to save your movies and videos on a DVD, you need to download a special tool that will help you burn video to DVD. The best option for this goal is free Freemake Video to DVD Converter. The freeware is easy to use even for a non-professional user.

Download Freemake installation file and double-click to start the installation. Since there are no ads or offers, so you can simply follow the process and install Freemake Video to DVD Converter on your computer running Windows. If you need to install the software on a PC without the Internet connection, please download a full version of the installer.

The Freemake freeware will start automatically. Next time when you want to use it, just click the yellow triangle icon on your desktop.

Add videos for burning

Prepare videos that you want to burn to DVD. You may either add them to the Video to DVD tool one by one or add them all at once. To do it, simply collect all the videos in one folder. Then select them all and drag-n-drop into the Video to DVD Converter.

Make sure that your files are not protected or corrupted. Please try to play them with any media player. Keep in mind that if your video has some quality issues, they will appear on a DVD as well. Freemake Video to DVD software doesn’t improve video file quality.

Choose “to DVD” format

After you add your videos, click “to DVD” bubble on the formats panel. Now it’s time to select some settings. Don’t worry! There is nothing difficult here. First of all, prepare your blank DVD. It can be a standard DVD, a mini one or even a dual-layer. Everything depends on the number of videos that you want to burn to DVD.

In fact, you may just select your burner, insert a blank disc and start the process. But if you need special options like menu or PAL instead of NTSC, then don’t hurry to click the “Burn” button and turn video into DVD.

Select a DVD menu

To choose a DVD menu, click the “No Menu” gray button in the top right corner. Free Video to VD Converter allows you to choose a type of menu that will perfectly fit your DVD. It can be a text menu without thumbnails, a picture menu with 2, 4 or more chapters, and a menu with your custom background (no motion).

Then choose a color encoding system that is used in your region. NTSC is spread in North America and Japan. While PAL is used in major part of the European countries.

Burn video files to DVD

Now insert a blank disc into your DVD burner. We recommend using DVD-RW for your videos. Select your burner as an output destination, click the "Burn" button & try in practice how to burn a DVD.

If necessary, you can create a copy of the same project as soon as the 1st copy is ready. Just put another DVD and click “Yes” when the Video to DVD freeware asks you if you want to burn one more disc.

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