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Freemake YouTube to DVD Converter converts YouTube videos to DVD format FREE and fast. Download & burn YouTube TV shows, EDU programs, music clips, cartoons, and live concerts on a disc and watch them on any player. Keep your favorite movies offline to access them whenever you want.
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Get the job done in these easy steps:
1. Download free YouTube to DVD Converter
2. Copy YouTube video links
3. Paste YouTube links
4. Choose the "to DVD" option
5. Burn YouTube videos to DVD

See how to burn YouTube videos to DVD free:


Download free YouTube to DVD Converter

Download FREE YouTube to DVD converter from Freemake. The software is 100% safe & easy to use. You need just several clicks to send any YouTube video to a DVD disc.

Run the installation file and follow the process to get the program on your Window PC or laptop. Please pay attention to the system requirements. Free YouTube to DVD converter app can function on Microsoft Windows OS 10, 8, 8.1, 7, and Vista. You should have at least 50Mb of free space on a hard drive where you want to install the freeware.

Keep in mind that to burn YouTube video to DVD, your computer must be equipped with a DVD-RW drive.

Complete the installation procedure and launch free YouTube to DVD converter program.

Copy YouTube video links

Find videos from YouTube which you want to put on a DVD. Run your web browser and go to YouTube. You may add up to 40 hours of clips on a single-layer DVD disc.

Copy links of the YouTube videos. In case you have many online videos that you want to copy on a DVD, you may save them in a text file.

Paste YouTube links

Click the "Paste URL" button to add a YT link. To do this, return to YouTube video to DVD Converter from Freemake. Paste all the links in this way to the free software.

Alternatively, you can click File – Paste URL or use the Ctrl+V combination on your keyboard.

You can put online YouTube videos and offline from your hard drive on one DVD. Simply add offline clips to the YouTube to DVD converter.

Choose “to DVD”

Free YouTube to DVD converter offers numerous output options. Select the "to DVD" option for your YouTube video.

There will appear a new window where you can change your project settings. First of all, select a DVD menu for your DVD. It can be one of Freemake images, text menu, or create & upload a custom picture from your PC. Please keep in mind that it should have a good resolution to look good.

Free YouTube to DVD Converter automatically detects your DVD burning drive. However, if you have several DVD-RW drives connected to your PC, choose the one you need manually.

You may also choose your disc volume (4.7GB, 1.4GB, or 8.5GB) and the encoding system (PAL or NTSC). Whether you don’t know which encoding system to choose PAL or NTSC, think of your geo-location. PAL system comes with 25 fps is mostly used in European countries and Australia. NTSC provides 29.97 fps and is used in the USA, South Korea, Philippines, Japan and some Latin America countries. Please keep in mind that Freemake YouTube video to DVD Converter creates a region-free DVDs that you can watch on any player.

Burn YouTube video to DVD

Insert a blank DVD into a drive and click the "Burn" button. Run the process to download YouTube videos and burn a DVD on Windows. It may require some time depending on your computer hardware. When the burning process completes, Freemake YouTube to DVD converter will eject the ready disc automatically.

If you don’t have a blank DVD or don’t have time to copy YouTube to DVD, you can save your project as ISO or Video_TS folder. To do it, click "to DVD" extension and instead of your DVD drive, choose "Create an ISO" option or choose a folder where the free software will save your YouTube clips as VOB files. You will be able to transfer the media to DVD later.

Don’t forget that with Freemake software, you can also burn YouTube music to CD. Try also our new DVD Ripper to convert any DVD videos to other formats.