How to convert FLV to AVI free

Convert any FLV video AVI with free FLV to AVI Converter. Convert FLV HD, FullHD and Ulta HD (4K) videos in a couple of clicks. Keep FLV original video and audio quality. Watch new AVI files on PC, TV, car system or with any media player.
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Get the job done in these easy steps:
1. Download free FLV to AVI Converter
2. Add FLV video files
3. Choose "to AVI"
4. Set AVI video parameters
5. Convert FLV to AVI free

Learn how to convert FLV to AVI free:


Download & install
Free FLV to AVI Converter

If you need to convert FLV to AVI, you will need to download a special FLV to AVI converter. This type of software will change the FLV format to AVI in a few fast steps.

Download best Freemake FLV to AVI Converter on your computer with Windows operating system. The free tool supports Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. Please note that there are no official Mac and Linux versions. Double-click to run Freemake setup file and start the installation process. It doesn’t differ from the installation of any other Windows software. By default, the Freemake freeware will be installed on a C local drive. You can change the path for the program while installing the utility.

For your comfort, you can choose to install a quick-start icon and a desktop one. Besides that, there is also available a full version of the setup file for that installation on computers without the Internet connection.

Add FLV video files

When free FLV to AVI Converter automatically starts, add your FLV flash videos for conversion. If you have few files, you can add them by clicking “File – Add video” or the “+Video” button. In case you have many FLV files, it will be more comfortable to use the drag-n-drop feature to add all FLV video files at once.

Please note that Freemake FLV to AVI Converter doesn’t support protected or corrupted video files. There are no other limitations. You can any as many FLV flash files as you need. They can have different size, length, and resolution.

Choose "to AVI"

On the formats bar, select the “to AVI” option. It is the very first button in the lower left corner.

To add this output extension to Favorites and access it fast, click the start sign next to it. To remove the extension from Favorites, click the start sign one more time.

Set AVI video parameters

In a new window, select video quality. In case you have HD and non-HD video files, you should choose the quality preset that provides resolution like that of your non-HD files. Please don't select HD for such videos. The software doesn’t increase your video quality; you will only get black bars that will be added to your movies to fit the desired resolution.

If you don't like any of the ready quality preset, you can create the one you need manually. Click the cog-wheel button and in the settings window specify the necessary parameters.

Convert FLV to AVI free

Now set a folder for your new AVI videos. You can save the converted files to your PC, USB stick or a cloud drive account. For the latter, you need to have a cloud drive folder on your PC.

Keep in mind that free FLV to AVI Converter doesn’t change or delete the original FLV videos. You will get new AVI format files in a preselected folder. So make sure you have enough of free space on your hard drive before converting FLV to AVI.

As soon as you are ready, click the “Convert” button to start the conversion process and encode FLV video files to AVI.

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