How to convert MP4 to AVI
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Looking for a free MP4 to AVI converter? Try Freemake to get AVI files of high quality and less file size. Convert MP4 to AVI & watch your videos on PC, TV, home theaters, car systems. Supporting all modern codecs, this AVI converter preserves the original video quality. Change both offline & online MP4 files.
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Why you should try the tool:
1. Download free MP4 to AVI Converter
2. Add your MP4 files
3. Choose "to AVI"
4. Select settings for final video
5. Convert MP4 to AVI

Convert MP4 to AVI fast & easily:


Download MP4 to AVI Converter

Download Free MP4 to AVI Converter. The freeware from the official developers' webpage smoothly works on Windows Vista, Win 7 and higher OS versions. Please note that Freemake Conversion tool can't be launched on Mac OS. Double-click to run the installation file and follow the process step by step.

First of all, choose the language that you want to use in the program. The read and accept Licence Agreement and click the "Next" button. Now select the installation type (Full or Custom) and again click "Next" to get the software on your PC.

Add your MP4 files

Freemake accepts all types of MP4 files & preserves their original video quality. The AVI Converter starts automatically. If you deselect this option, you may find Freemake software icon on a desktop and run it when you are ready to turn MP4 clips to AVI format.

Transfer them to the conversion tool via drag-n-drop or by clicking the +Video button in the top left corner of the utility. You can insert the selected video clips one after another or add multiple videos at once. Free MP4 to AVI Converter lets you easily encode any non-protected visuals.

Choose AVI format

You may change your file length or orientation before conversion. Don't forget to click "OK" to apply changes.

After that, pay attention to the bottom of the freeware, find and click “to AVI” option. There will appear a new window with ready output parameters. Each quality choice is made for a particular purpose. For playback on Samsung, Sony, LG or other TV, go for “TV quality” option. If your original media is in HD, you may choose between “HD 720p” and “HD 1080p” qualities depending on the video resolution. To keep the movie as is for a PowerPoint presentation, select “Same as source” preset.

Fine-tune your AVI video

The tool works very fast. Set a destination folder. When you are done with the quality choice, don't forget to select it for your future videos. It can be your hard drive, or you may export them to a USB pen drive. Please note that the original videos won’t be removed or substituted. Instead, Freemake will create new videos with the changes you’ve made. Make sure you have enough of free space on your device.

Convert MP4 to AVI

Freemake tool works fast. The last thing you should do is to start the transformation process. It’s pretty easy. Click the blue “Convert” button and wait for some time. For large films or many 1Gb videos, it may require some time for the encoding to finish.

If you convert during night time, you don't need to wait till the videos are ready. The free utility can shut down the PC when the job is done.