How to Convert MP4 to FLV for Free

Convert MP4 videos to FLV easily & fast! Convert online and offline MP4 files to FLV format in 2 clicks! Embed FLV clips on your website or blog with a ready HTML code. HD quality supported. Download the best free MP4 to FLV converter now! Check out a truly cool MP4 to FLV converter yourself.
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Get the job done in these easy steps:
1. Download free MP4 to FLV Converter
2. Add MP4 video files
3. Click “to FLV” option
4. Set MP4 video parameters
5. Convert MP4 to FLV free

Read the guide below and learn how to convert MP4 to FLV free:


Install Freemake MP4 to FLV Converter

FLV is a Flash video container that is used for digital video content over the Net. If you want to turn your MP4 video to FLV, you will need a special MP4 to FLV/FLASH converting tool. There are many MP4 to FLV Converters on the market, but there is one that beats them all. Free Freemake MP4 to FLV Converter is a light weight utility with a great set of options. It’s free, easy to use, with no limits and a pleasant colorful interface. Check it out here.

Download free MP4 to FLV converter and install on your computer. The software is compatible with Windows (starting from Vista) PCs and laptops. Install the freeware as you usually do. There is nothing special about the installation process.

If you want the MP4 to FLV Converter to start right asap, keep the mark “Launch Freemake Video Converter”.

Add MP4 Video files

Prepare your non-protected MP4 video files. Please note that if your MP4 videos were bought from iTunes or any other site, they are likely to be protected. The free MP4 to FLV Converter won’t accept them.

If you have many MP4 files for conversion, you can either add them all at once or one by one. The files can be added by clicking the “+Video” or by simple drag-n-drop. You can add as many MP4 videos as you need. The MP4 to FLV Converter doesn’t have any file, quality or video length limitations.

Click “FLV” option

If necessary, you can make simple editing of your MP4 files. The Mp4 to FLV freeware has a built-in editor that allows you to remove video parts that you don’t need, rotate media files and join them together. You can also add text in .srt format or a custom audio track to your MP4 videos.

When you are done with it, click the “to FLV” green button at the bottom of MP4 to FLV Converter.

Set MP4 video parameters

There will appear a new window where you need to set final video parameters. First of all, select a video quality for your FLV flash file. If you have an Ultra or Full HD video, you can choose 1080p option or 720p one. Please note that if you MP4 videos are not in HD, you should not select the HD quality for FLV. The MP4 to FLV Converter won’t create an HD file from a non-HD one.

In case you need a particular bitrate or codec (FLV, H264), you can modify a ready preset or create a custom one. Select the settings that will suit your goal most of all.

Convert MP4 to FLV or Flash free

Before running the conversion process, select a folder where your new FLV videos will be saved. This option is available right above the “Convert” blue button. You can select a folder on a PC, a USB drive or your cloud drive folder. In any case, please make sure that you have enough of free space for your FLV files. Although in “MP4 vs FLV file size” question, FLV wins and FLV files are usually lighter than MP4, you still need to have twice more space. It’s necessary because while converting your files, free MP4 to FLV Converter creates temporary data. When the process is finished, this data is removed.

To start encoding your MP4 media, click the “Convert” button. The freeware will change your MP4 to FLV in a few moments. Alternatively, you can convert MP4 to MP3 with best MP4 to FLV converter.