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How to embed photo gallery on website

Whenever you want to create a photo gallery for a website, free Freemake Slider Plugin for WordPress is right what you need. It’ll let you create a beautiful website photo slideshow in a couple of minutes and get a ready code to embed on your site. Learn how to create a gallery below.

Download Free Slider Plugin

Install free Freemake Slider

Download and add Freemake Slider onto your WordPress blog or website. Press the "Add a new Slider" button. Use the corresponding buttons to add images, video, YouTube, Vimeo, your blog posts or other content.

Customize your photo gallery

Click the "Choose style" button and select the way your slider will look like. Then proceed to the "Adjust" tab and select the style options for your gallery, such as width and height, arrows and bullet style and so on. Alternatively, you can leave the default settings.

Embed the gallery on your site

Click the "Preview" button and control that your gallery looks like as you want. Then hit the "Save & Publish" button. You’ll get a ready shortcode that you need to copy and paste on your website exactly where you want your new gallery to show.