How to convert Flash to HTML5 for free

Convert any Adobe SWF Flash video to HTML5 formats. Get a ready code with a media player to embed directly on a website, mobile site, blog or forum. Create & embed HTML5 movies easily. The player works in any web-browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari) and on any device. Top CMS platforms supported: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, Tumblr, Medium, etc.

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Get the job done in these easy steps:
1. Download free Flash to HTML5 video tool
2. Add SWF videos to encode to HTML5
3. Edit movies
4. Choose “to HTML5” option
5. Convert Flash to HTML5 and get a ready code

Read the tutorial below to convert Flash video to HTML5:


Download free Flash to HTML5 video tool

Download and install the freeware on your laptop or desktop computer. Run the installer from a folder or right from the browser. The app will be installed right from the Internet, so a stable connection is required.

During the installation, choose whether you want to have a desktop icon, a quick-launch icon, and a context menu option. If necessary, you might change the installation path for the utility.

In case you want to install a tool on a machine without the connection, use the offline installer that can be found at the bottom of the Downloads section on the official page.

When the installation process completes, run free Flash to HTML5 conversion program.

Add SWF videos to encode to HTML5

Select the films that you want to add to your webpage and drag it into the software. You can also do by clicking on File – Video or using a blue “+Video” button at the top of the software interface.

The software lets you encode numerous clips at once. You can add offline AVI films from a desktop or even online files in FLV or Adobe Flash SWF. Just pay attention that it should be an SWF video and not the animation.

In case you need several parts of a movie, you don't need to embed them to your site one by one. It will overload your online page. Simply create one complete film out of them by enabling the “Join on” option in the top right corner.

If you have a WordPress blog, use free Freemake Slider to insert various multimedia content as a compact gallery.

Edit movies

Whenever you need to make a couple of simple changes to your files, for example, remove ads, open them in Freemake editor. Then use the buttons at the bottom to make the necessary changes. In the end, don't forget to click OK to save the editing. Read this page to discover more freeware features.

Please note that if you have added multiple files, you will have to edit them one by one.

Choose “to HTML5” option

Use the arrows next to the output formats in the bottom of the utility to see more options. When you see “to HTLM5” green bubble, click on it to open the settings.

In a new window, select quality and a destination path for your clips.

Convert Flash to HTML5 and get a ready code

Click the “Convert” button to generate code and media for your website. When the transcoding process completes, there will appear a new page in our default web-browser. Here you will find a ready HTML code that contains a player for your site or blog. Copy the code and embed it on your page where you want your clip to be.

Don't forget to upload the media to your blog. Freemake application provides a ready movie in three main Web formats: WebM, MP4, and OGG (VP8). These are the formats supported by Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and other browsers. We highly recommend you to upload all the three files. Thus any user will be able to watch the clip on a computer or a portable gadget.

With Freemake, you can also convert SWF to MP4 or any other format absolutely free.