How to make DVD menu
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Create DVD with your own DVD menu easily with Freemake DVD menu creator. Use ready professional backgrounds or design your own DVD background. Freemake is the EASIEST DVD menu maker which helps you to make custom menus with chapters for your DVD movies in minutes.

500+ video and image formats supported.
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Get the job done in these easy steps:
1. Download free DVD menu creator
2. Add videos for DVD
3. Click “to DVD” option
4. Create a DVD menu
5. Burn DVD with menu

Check the guide and learn how to make a DVD menu free:


Download free DVD menu maker

If you want to burn videos with a custom DVD menu, you can’t proceed without free Freemake DVD menu maker. This program will help you make DVD menu in a couple of steps.

Download the software here. Install the free DVD menu creator from Freemake onto your PC. Double-click the file to start the installation. Please note that the freeware works on Windows computers only. The supported Windows versions are Vista, Win 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. It doesn’t matter whether you have an x32, an x64 or x86 system. The custom DVD menu creator will fully function with any of these Windows versions.

Add videos for DVD

Complete the installation process and launch the menu maker software. Drag-n-drop movies that you want to burn with a custom DVD menu. You may also add the files one by one by clicking the “+Video” button.

Keep in mind that you should add only non-protected files. This is the only rule. There are no other limits. You can add video files of different quality (HD, medium), size, and extension (AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, etc.).

Click “to DVD” option

When your movies appear in the DVD menu creator, click "to DVD" option on the formats bar.

If you burn DVDs regularly, click the star sign next to the format button to add DVD into favorites and have quick access to this free DVD burner option.

Create your own DVD

When you click "to DVD," there will appear a new window with DVD menu settings. Here you will find a “No menu” button (top right corner). Click on it to run the DVD creator with menu and chapters. The software will offer you free DVD menu templates to choose from. If none of the ready menus suits your DVD movie, you can create your own DVD menu.

What you need to do is activate Freemake Mega Pack. Then choose a chapter template and find a good image for a DVD menu background. It can be a pic from the Net or a photo taken by you. Please note that it should have good quality otherwise it will be pixelated on a big screen. Edit image if necessary with your favorite photo editor. Now pay attention to the bottom of a DVD menu template and select the “Custom background” option. Choose your image and click “OK” to close the DVD menu editor.

Burn DVD with menu and background

When you are done with making a DVD menu, insert a blank DVD and click the "Burn" button to burn a DVD with your own menu.

At the end of the burning process, the freeware will offer you to create one more copy of this project. If you want to do it, insert the 2nd blank DVD and click “OK”.

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Please note, that the output video will contain a logo. You may remove Freemake logo here.