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Free Freemake Converter rotates video files VERY fast. Rotate online videos, MP4 clips from iPhone or Android phone or tablet. All possible formats (500+) are supported: HD, AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, FLV, MOV, etc. Turn movies and clips 90 or 180 degrees without quality loss. Save rotated videos for playback on a PC, gadget, home theatre, and multimedia system. Rotate even large HD files: 500MB/1/4/10GB or larger. No limits, check now.
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Why you should try the tool:
1. Download free video rotating software
2. Add videos for rotating
3. Open an editor
4. Choose an output format
5. Rotate video

See how to rotate a video free:


Download Rotation Tool for Windows

Click here to download Freemake video rotator for PC. Double-click on the installation file to run it. Please pay attention that the freeware works on Windows computers only. You can use the flip tool to rotate video permanently on any desktop or laptop with Win Vista, Windows 7, Win 8, and Windows 10 OS version.

Accept the Terms of use and choose if you want to send anonymous reports to developers to help make the video rotation tool better. Don't worry – the app doesn't collect any personal information, only Freemake system logs.

Complete all the steps of the installation procedure and launch free rotate & flip utility.

Add videos for rotation

Select the files to rotate video left or right. When the rotation program starts, drag-n-drop them into the app. You can add clips of different sizes (even big files) and extensions: MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, and others. The video rotate software accepts over 500 input formats including videos from Facebook and Instagram. Rotate MP4 fast! Just keep in mind that your visuals that you want to rotate should not be protected.

If you can’t drag and drop the films, use the blue “+Video” button to add them. Alternatively, you can set Freemake as a default program for your media files. So next time when you click a clip, it will be automatically opened and added to Freemake rotator, so you can rotate video from iPhone or Android easily.

Open an editor

Start Freemake editor to rotate video. Click the button with green play sign and scissors to the right of the movie. Look attentively at the bottom of the editor. Here you will see a green arrow button with a “Rotate” headline. Click this button one time to turn the vid 90° degrees or two times to rotate video 180° degrees. If you click the "Rotate" button 3 or 4 times you will flip your clip.

Then click the “OK” button to return to the main app interface.

Choose an output format

Select an extension for rotated media on the formats bar. Please note that you should convert a movie to apply any changes like rotate video. You can save a clip for watching on PC, on old and modern TVs, game console, portable device or even upload it online right from the movie rotating freeware.

Click on the format that you need, for instance "to MP4". There will appear a window with final settings that you need to choose. First of all, select a quality for your future visual. If you transcode a file for a portable device, choose your gadget model form the drop-down menu.

Then select a folder for your clips to store rotated MP4 files. Please keep in mind that Freemake rotate & flip tool doesn’t change or delete the original vids.

Rotate a video

Save changes to rotate video without losing quality. Click the “Convert” button to run the rotating or flipping procedure and turn video permanently. Depending on a number of media files and your PC capacity, it can take some minutes to rotate video.

When the rotation is completed, go and check your new films.