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Faster video conversion with CUDA technology

October 7, 2010

Nvidia Corporation is an American tech company based in Santa Clara, California. The company was found in April 1993 by Jensen Huang, Chris Malachowsky, and Curtis Priem.

It is famous for developing graphics processing units. The main Nvidia product is called GeForce. It was released for the 1st time in late 1999.

The company was so successful that it won the contract to develop the graphics hardware for Xbox, a famous Microsoft gaming console. 

CUDA is an application programming interface model developed by Nvidia.

The CUDA technology is used in software engineering via programming languages such as C, C++, and Fortran. Besides that, CUDA supports programming frameworks such as OpenACC and OpenCL.

The technology allows developers to take advantage of the parallel computing power of a Nvidia graphics. 

Video converter software from Freemake has recently integrated NVIDIA CUDA technology for faster and more efficient video conversion. By outsourcing tasks normally handled by CPU to the graphics card, CUDA not only increases the program performance dramatically but also provides a significant acceleration of the entire conversion process. Now if your PC is equipped with the NVIDIA-powered graphics card and the card driver is updated, you can feel all the benefits of CUDA-accelerated conversion.

To use a faster encoding speed, update Freemake utility to the latest version. You can do it by downloading a new installation file from the official website. Please note that the tool can be installed on Windows computers only. You can't run it on Linux or Apple gadgets.

Run the installer on a PC and follow the process up to the end. Then start the tool and add your media to it. Thre are ways to do it: via the +Video button at the top of the app, via File – Video and by drag and drop. Choose the one that is more comfortable for you.

screenshot FVC

Then select a necessary extension for your file. You may encode media to most popular formats, save it onto a disc, upload online, or transcode for watching on your smartphone or tablet.

Click on the format that you need. For example, choose the AVI converter option. After that, select quality and a folder for the future file. Right above the "Convert" blue button, you will see a line with 1-pass and 2-pass encoding options.

If you want to encode visuals faster, select the One-pass encoding option. To get the best quality possible, choose a two-pass encoding. It will take more time, but you will a get a film with a better bitrate. Please note that the final transcoding time highly depends on your PC capacity. Make sure your hardware is new enough to prevent overheating and sudden shutdown.

If you need the whole capacity of your PC while the transcoding procedure, you may pause the process and resume it later.

Due to the nature of CUDA technology, it can't be switched on while DVD burning. So if you need to send your videos onto a DVD disc in a fast way, please follow this how-to.

If you have more questions regarding the performance of CUDA, don’t hesitate to contact us directly. Our developers’ team will be happy to provide you further details and explanations. You may do it via the official e-mail address or on our social networks pages.