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Freemake Turns One!

June 26, 2011

Freemake software first appeared on the Net in July 2010. Having explored the market beforehand, we found out that there were only a few tools that could help users transform videos between formats. Most of them had serious drawbacks such as high price, lack of necessary options; small output formats choice, various types of limitations, or an interface difficult for comprehension.

That’s why we decided to create a completely new utility that would combine beautiful and user-friendly design, multiple options, would have no time- or geo-restrictions and would be free at the same time. It took us a lot of time and effort to get a devoted professional team and to overcome all the difficulties, but finally a year ago we released the very first versions of our free software. Since then, a lot has changed:

- our software was installed on 6 million PCs;

- we reached 50K+ Facebook fans which not only suggest new features and run our tests but help us localize Freemake to world languages and actively recommend our software elsewhere on the Net;

- Freemake Video Converter (https://www.freemake.com/free_video_converter/) has become the only free video converter with both CUDA and DXVA technologies integrated. These two technologies are developed to speed up the process of video file transformation. Let’s check them a bit more thoroughly. CUDA, or Compute Unified Device Architecture, is the technology created by a popular American NVIDIA company which makes graphics processing units. It is implemented via such languages as C, C++, and Fortran. CUDA technology can be used in video games, software that works with 3D graphics, modern web browsers, video recording and editing applications.

screenshot FVC

DXVA is short for DirectX Video Acceleration. This technology is a property of Microsoft Corporation. It is supported by Windows Vista, Win 7, and Windows 8. DXVA is used in video players, video transformation utilities, DVD rippers, and so on. While CUDA supports almost all modern codecs and format, DXVA requires a video recorded with H.264, MPEG2, or VC-1 codecs. At the same time, there are more cards that support DVXA rather than CUDA. In case you want to benefit from both of these technologies, go for the latest NVIDIA GeForce chips.

- Freemake Video Downloader (https://www.freemake.com/free_video_downloader/) is the fastest online video download tool due to the multi-stream technology. It allows users to save even huge videos at a record speed. Of course, your PC capacity and Internet connection speed play their important roles. But having been compared to the similar products, Freemake Downloader took its first place.

- our software is recognized as "Best of 2010" and "Best of 2011" by Lifehacker, PCWorld, PCMag, DownloadSquad, PC Advisor, and other famous tech blogs and magazines. The reviews of award-winning Freemake utilities can be found both on the official magazines' websites and in paper copies. Top tech jounalists recommend to use our tools to convert between formats, burn DVD on Windows, download clips from streaming websites. The software has also been taken numerous times on CD and DVD cover discs. We announce this July the month of Freemake and invite everyone to celebrate our birthday! Every week we'll present you with new products and features. Stay tuned with Freemake and spread a word about our birthday wherever you can!