Grab video from 10,000 sites with Downloader 3.0

November 3, 2011

This is a crucial update of our Video Downloader (see here). Starting with version 3.0, the software will be able to download any online video from thousands of websites (except Hulu, MTV Network, Netflix and YouTube RTMP and on-demand videos). Now Freemake Video Downloader has become an all-in-one solution to get any streaming video no matter whether it's embedded into a site or hosted by popular video sharing platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, TubePlus, Dailymotion, Veoh, Megavideo, and 10,000 others. To try the new feature, go to the "Downloads" section at the top of this page and get our Downloader there.

Just imagine what powerful options give this update to you. If you’re an anime fan and you spend hours on dedicated forums and video sharing sites, you can get content from them with several clicks. Please note that this feature works only if you’re able to play a video on a web page. So please start playback in your browser (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Opera) and then paste the web source link into Freemake freeware. If you can’t reproduce file in your browser, our tools won’t be able to start downloading.

supported sites

The latest update is especially useful for students. As we know, often educational materials such as webinar records or visual aid are located on university websites or educational blogs and not available on popular platforms like YouTube at all, then the expansion of supported sites is a big boost in your educational opportunities.

Another highly demanded feature to come is inbuilt history and file search. Freemake Video Downloader 3.0 let's keep download history and search downloaded videos and music by title, format, source.

If you’re a music fan of Madonna, you know that there are tons of her records on YT. To eliminate the necessity to extract one and the same file twice, we added History tab to our software. Now you can look for latest files and check if you have already stored "La Isla Bonita" or "Vogue" on your personal computer. Thanks to this new addition, you’ll save your Internet bandwidth consumption and free your PC storage on disk C or D.

There's one more invention. Now users also have the option to resume all broken or interrupted downloads. Sometimes if you have a poor or unstable Internet connection and you try to grab a long movie, your process might stop in the middle. Previously, users had to start all over again. But now you can continue if you’ve lost Internet connection.

This software update also includes a toolbar as a straightforward way for us to raise the money we need now to continue the project. We can guarantee it won't harm your PC in any way; it's fully tested by our team and by a bunch of antivirus apps. The next toolbar version will also serve as a basis for Freemake own new services. By saying this we want you, our greatest fans, to stay with us, we are open to you and will work for you further!