Search for music faster & better with Music Box 0.9.3

May 1, 2012

Freemake Music Box 0.9.3 experiences several key improvements.

Now Freemake Music Box is empowered with smart search suggestions. While searching for music, the inbuilt auto-complete algorithm shows up search suggestions. They are provided with an artist's name, an audio track or an album title. Thus, a user saves time on typing, gets search results faster and starts listening to songs straightaway.

Along with easier music search, Freemake Music Box fine-tunes sound quality. The updated Music Box has also improved music video playback and search speed.

Besides, the version 0.9.3 brings convenient drag and drop features for all music amateurs. New Music Box enables users to change songs order in playlists with a simple drag and drop mechanism. Moreover, thanks to drag and drop users can move music tracks from search results area directly to playlists on the fly.

To explore new Music Box options, go to our Downloads section on and click the green button next to the Music Box icon to get the recent software version. To install and use a toll without any issues, you need to have a speedy connection.

Start the installation file and read the EULA. Then proceed with the installation process. You can just click “Next” all the time to get the tool on a C drive. There will also be created a quick-start icon and a desktop one.

Click any of the two icons to run the tool. In the search line start typing your query. The utility will immediately show you the available smart suggestions. If your artist or song is presented in the suggestion list, click it to make to app search for it.

screenshot FVD

If you search for a song, by default the 1st result will be an original studio version. Scroll down the list with the results to see other versions available: remake, medley, acoustic and so on.

Each track comes with a visual line. Thus if you have traffic limitations, switch it off.

In case you need an album or an artist, click the related tab in the tool.

To reproduce the file, click the “Play” button next to it. The + sign button will add the track to a playlist. Or you can use a new drag-n-drop feature to add the songs to a playlist without clicking any buttons.

Pay attention to the left part of the tool. There you will see “My Playlist” heading. Click to see it. If you have already added any files to Favorites, you will see them there. Whether you do not like the track anymore, you should only select it and click the bin sign in the bottom left corner of a playlist to eliminate it.

You can create as many playlists as you like and name them according to their idea. For example, evening relax, good morning, Sunday with friends, happy, etc.

Please note that adding a file to a playlist does not mean that you save it on a PC. You will still need the Internet connection to listen to the tracks.

In case you need to change the audio format of your offline tracks to a more common one, please use our Audio Converter software.