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Stable DXVA version is released

June 22, 2011

DirectX Video Acceleration or DXVA is a hardware technology developed by Microsoft to speed up video processing. DXVA works in conjunction with the video rendering model used by the computer or game console video card. DXVA was introduced for the 1st time in Windows 2000 and was then developed even for Win 98. The next version of DXVA was created for Win Vista, Win 7, and Windows 8, 8.1, and Win 10.

We decided to save the time of our users and integrate the technology into Freemake Video Converter to make it even faster.  

screenshot FVC

On 14 of June 2011, we released Freemake Video Converter 2.2.0 Beta. There was added a new algorithm of CUDA/DXVA auto-switching. The software automatically detected whether it was possible to use CUDA or DXVA or even both technologies at the same time with your graphics card. Starting from Freemake Video Converter version 2.2.0 you can find a new “Acceleration” tab in Options.

If CUDA or DXVA (or both) are available for use on your machine, you will see an option to switch the acceleration type on or off. Please note that if your PC or laptop is not powerful enough, using of the acceleration might make your system freeze or your hardware overheat.

We made several tests inhouse and across our fan base on Facebook for two weeks. We are very grateful to everyone for taking part in the testing process and helping us with your comments and feedback. We examined them all and made changes to improve the algorithm stability. We would like to thank you all for a great job you have done.

Now, after source code improvements and found issues fix, we remove the Beta status from DXVA compliant version of Freemake Video Converter and release the stable 2.3 software version.

The new Freemake Video Converter brings up to 50% conversion acceleration due to DVXA technology support. Try yourself and read more about video converter features here.

Please note that DXVA acceleration works only while you are decoding videos with MPEG-2 codec, e.g. when you convert DVD files with DVD ripping software DVD Ripper or free AVI converter for Windows.

If you still face any issues with the Acceleration or any other feature in this version, please contact our support team with detailed hardware specs.

One more feature that you can find in Freemake Video Converter version 2.3 is sleep mode prevention during the conversion process.  We know that some of you convert a big number of media files during night time. In most cases, users forgot to switch off the sleep mode and thus when they woke up in the morning, they saw that the PC want into this mode and thus the files were not ready.

Now you can keep calm and convert the data during night time. The updated Freemake Video Converter will not let your PC go into a sleep mode. In the morning, you will find your files ready for you.

We have also added an option to turn off the PC automatically when the conversion process finishes. You will see it after your start the encoding procedure. If you want Freemake to switch off the PC, simply mark a corresponding check box.