HTML5, new mobiles & DVD improvements

November 22, 2011

This is a significant update to our Video Converter. Version 3.0 features new output options and brings considerable improvements to the existing functionality.

The key enhancement is HTML5 video creation. Now Freemake users can smoothly turn videos to HTML5 standard - a new way to watch video across all platforms and devices. The video converter prepares a video in three formats (Ogg Theora, WebM, H.264) and automatically generates HTML5 code for web integration.

Let's examine this option in details. Steve Jobs predicted that HTML5 would replace Adobe Flash. He called Flash a «buggy» service and pointed that the avalanche of media outlets offering their content for Apple's mobile devices demonstrated that Flash was no longer necessary to watch visuals or consume any kind of web content.

files to html5

If you are a wed-designer, blog owner or a web-master, you will definitely face a necessity to add media on your site. If you add your clip in FLV or SWF, Apple users won't see it. Of course, you understand that there are a lot of people using iPhones, iPods, and iPads so it would be a real pity to lose so many visitors. To prevent this from happening, you are recommended to encode your file in HTLM5. As it was stated above, the clip will be transcoded in three formats supported by the majority of devices and web-browsers.

That's how you can do it in Freemake:

  • Download the recent software version form the official site;
  • Run and install on your PC;
  • Add movies that you want to show on your webpage using the "+Video" button;
  • On the formats bar, select "to HTML5" option;
  • Choose a destination folder for your new clips;
  • Run the transcoding process.

When it finishes, you will get your film in three formats. There will also open a page with a ready HTML-code. Now you need to upload your files to your blog or website and paste the code where you want them to be on a page.

With new video converter, owners of Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry mobiles can customize any videos (including web ones) for the playback on their phone models. There are also two new presets for Android devices: 1280x800 and 640x480.

To access these features,

  • update your Freemake software and launch it;
  • drag-n-drop file that you want to watch on Nokia or Blackberry into the freeware;
  • choose a corresponding output option (Nokia or Blackberry);
  • click the ready presets menu to see the available profiles;
  • select your gadget from the list;
  • choose where to save the encoded files;
  • click the "Convert" blue button to change clips format.
  • As soon as the new clips appear in a specified folder, connect your gadget to a PC and move the files to it.

Freemake Video Converter 3.0 is remarkable for interface changes. The output formats bar becomes more intuitive: add the most used formats to Favorites to have them always at your fingertips.

Plus, the tool gives better quality for lengthy DVD videos and subtitles display, let's keep 5.1 sound and choose the MP2 audio codec for DVD burner tool. Thus, the freeware becomes a universal tool to copy DVDs on Windows OS.


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