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9 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Easy Surfing

9 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Easy Surfing

Do you use Google Chrome browser? We thinks it’s very nice and comfortable. Especially cause as Firefox it has numerous extension that will make your web browsing faster and easier. Let’s have a look at most useful Google Chrome extensions.

1. Adblock


If you are tired of annoying ad banners, video ads and pop-ups, this extension is your saver. Ad block as it follows from its name, block most advertising banners on a site page. It makes web browsing faster and cleaner. Moreover, you may manually block banners there are not recognized by Ad block. Next time you won’t see them anymore.



Downloads provides an instant access to your downloaded files right from Google Chrome toolbar. Instead of taking a long way to Download section, you just click one button and you are done. That’s pretty strange this option is not included as a default one.

3. Awesome Screenshot


Awesome Screenshot  is a very functional yet easy to use extension that will help you to take screenshots on the fly. You may capture the visible part of a page, a particular part you need or even the whole page. Don’t limit yourself to basic screenshots. Add annotations shapes, arrows, and text comments. One-click to upload an image to awesomescreenshot.com to share with your friends or colleagues.

4. Ginger – Grammar & Spell Checker


Improve your English communication absolutely free.  Ginger checks and corrects not only spelling mistakes but also grammar ones based on the context of a complete sentence by comparing each sentence to billions of similar sentences from the web. You can either check your text while typing or scan the entire document when it’s finished.

5. TooManyTabs


In you are an active Internet user, you know what it means – to have a number of open tabs.  Sometimes you can’t even see an icon of this or that site. That’s where you need TooManyTabs. The extension helps manage your open tabs.  Organize tabs by creation time, domain or title, preview each tab’s content and restore recently closed tabs.

6. Instant Translate

instant translate

Instant translate is a translation add on that lets translate any text right from the page. You can define the source and output languages manually or use an option to automatically identify the source language.  The application supports 66 languages and can give you two types of translation: a text and a spoken one.  Instant translate keeps a translation history so you may return to your translations whenever you want.

 7. dotEPUB


dotEPUb is a must have for everyone who enjoys reading numerous articles. If you don’t have time to read them online, this simple add on will help you to turn the articles into epub files which you may transfer to your portable gadget and read on the way to work or on vacations.

8. BeFunky Photo Editor

BeFunky Photo Editor

BeFunky Photo Editor allows its user to make simple editing of their digital images right inside Google Chrome browser. You don’t have to install any third-party software. This easy application has everything you need. Fix common photo problems like bad lighting, digital noise, fuzzy colors and details with one click. Cut, rotate, and adjust you image with 190 effects.

9. PanicButton


PanicButton is a very useful tool if you use a shared PC or like to browse the Net during your work time. Panic button can hide all opened tabs in Google Chrome with a single click. They are then saved as bookmarks in a separate folder. PanicButton icon will show you a number of the hidden tabs. Re-clicking on them will restore the tabs.